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Most gift certificates only offer people a new outfit, or a one-time dining experience, or something decorative for the home. My unique gift certificates can help people change and improve their entire life.

It is my honor and my pleasure to share my gifts with others. My clients say that my psychic readings and spiritual healings are profoundly transformational experiences that benefit them in all areas of their life for years afterward. Many clients have supported their friends, family members and loved ones to lead happier, more fulfilling and prosperous lives by having a psychic reading or spiritual healing with me. It has been my great privilege to contribute to the healing and transformation of entire families as a result.

My psychic readings and spiritual healings help people to know who they truly are, what their greatest gifts, talents and abilities are, and how to best utilize them so they can create the greatest amount of joy, success and prosperity in life. We also explore what might be the blocks or obstacles to joy along their path, and how we can heal the underlying causes of these blocks, or work with or around any obstacles in order to create a truly joyful and fulfilling life. We fully explore the life path of their soul to uncover sacred contracts and karmic bonds, and to discover what their highest potential may be, and what are the greatest opportunities that may be available to them.

A psychic reading or spiritual healing provides a roadmap for successfully navigating the path of life, and tools for creating joy and prosperity that will last a lifetime. Knowledge is power, and the gift of knowledge is the greatest, most loving and empowering gift that you can give.


A gift certificate for a psychic reading or spiritual healing can be a lovely gift for someone you care about. These unique gift certificates can be personalized or not, so you can give them to anyone at any time. Gift certificates are valid for at least one full year from the date of purchase, expiring in December of the following year.

In the fields below, please provide your full name, address, telephone number with area code, and the best time for me to call if we need to speak to finalize the details for this gift certificate.


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What type of gift certificate would you like:
Psychic Reading $200
Spiritual Healing $200
Relationship Counseling $250
Business Consulting $300

Do you want to personalize gift certificate?
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