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I am so grateful for the hundreds of testimonials about my psychic readings that I have received in letters, cards and emails from clients (and many more testimonials that I have received by voice-mail messages, which I have not included here). Clients have told me that my consultations have been enlightening and transformational because of the impact they have had on their lives. It is my honor and privilege to help people with my psychic gifts, and I am profoundly touched that so many took the time to write such kind testimonials about my psychic services:

“Thank you, again, for being you, for being there, for being truly amazing.”- HD – writer/teacher

“I think about you often and wonder if you can sense all that is happening with me – sometimes I even say to you ‘Look, Grace! It’s just as you’ve said!’ Thank you, Grace. You have been – are – essential to this process of embodiment. My deepest appreciation for all that you are.”- JS – psychologist/professor

“Bless you and thank you for the most amazing session yesterday, for all the love and kindness, the time you spent being so completely present with me. I am so thankful that our paths have crossed and that you are on this planet. Your gifts are vital, you are an extraordinarily brilliant and radiant being. I feel fabulous. Thank you again and again.”- LJ - Hong Kong

“Your service and advice have been an investment well worth every penny. My school year has started well, my spirit is up and I feel energized for the coming year. Thank you for the time you took to consult with me.”- RP – school principal

“While on the path of knowledge, God provides us with teachers. I will take this opportunity to thank God for you. You, Grace, are a compassionate teacher and guide; to be such as this, is both rewarding and challenging.”- EW – artist

“Wow! You are an angel from heaven! I was catapulted into a new spiritual journey. My feet still have been unable to touch the ground. I had a wonderful 6-hour conversation with my buddies after they met with you! One of them said it was the greatest of all her birthday gifts! Life is easier, and weightless at times.”
- LT – owner, pain clinic

“Thank you so much. It was wonderful to hear your voice. Our talk really settled me. I’m excited about the next leg of the journey.”
- DW – lawyer

“I just wanted to again say thank you for all your help and support, and for you to know how much I appreciate all you do… Everything you shared has transpired for all of us. ”
- LC – shop and gallery owner

“Your work is a gift to the planet! I am grateful to have you in my life. I received much comfort and insight from the session.”
- AM – sales

“Thank you so much for the time on Wednesday. Thank you for caring and for helping me ‘know’ things in a way that allows me to move forward. Thank you Grace for helping me find the courage to speak out and be true to my heart.”- CD – psychiatrist

“You have given me such relief and helped clarify my vision. I am most grateful for the compassion that has emerged within me since our talk. There is much work ahead for me but with God’s help and your guidance it is a challenge not a burden. My gratitude goes beyond words. I give thanks for Angels on Earth – Angels like you.”
- ST - Ontario, Canada

“What an honor to connect with you – from a deep place of my heart. I heard words and felt emotions that had never been heard or felt before. You are a confirmation. Thank you for listening to your soul’s agenda, and sharing yourself with the world.”- GY - artist

“ Thank you SO MUCH for all your love, assistance and wisdom – for showing me ‘the bigger picture’ which has always created a calming effect for me… For being supportive of me – just the sound of your voice has such an assuring affect on me! I send you much love, a big hug and am so grateful for having you in my life!”- AP - actor

“Many thanks for sharing your heart and insight with me. Bless you for giving me a meditation to bring hope and transformation.”
- AL – musician

“It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance and be introduced to a more spiritual way of life. I think of you often as I play your tape at least once a week. Each time, I learn and gain more from your insights and receive energy from your voice and thoughts.”
- MH - London, England

“Thank you for your beautiful reading. It was a powerful experience for me. I’m following your suggestions about health. You mentioned about my rage and I feel it coming up. September was a transformational month for me. I’m still processing some of the stuff I’ve experienced. Thanks again for your work. I wish you peace and happiness.” - YO – Tokyo, Japan

“Thank you so very much for the wonderful healing session. You are so gifted and special, and I always feel so peaceful after talking with you. Thank you for sharing your gift and knowledge. I’ve learned a lot from you already. What a loving, unique and spiritual soul you have and are! I look forward to more spiritual enlightenment and growth with you in the future.”- SM -BC Canada

“Just a short note to express my thanks and gratitude. As always, you have been so helpful to me in finding and living from my real TRUTH. The past 4 months have been somewhat challenging and your insights have functioned rather as stepping stones as I’ve been walking along this path which has not always seemed familiar. You continue to be a ‘Beacon of Light’ on my path.”
- CR – healthcare worker

“You are a magical entity that I am so happy to have ‘grace’ my path. I honour the gift that you are and that you offer to the world. May the Great work continue for you and through you. Thank You.”
- BM – financial planner

“I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful insight and for how grateful I am to have met you. You have influenced my life in such a positive way I didn’t think humanly possible. Thank you Grace!”
- IH – life coach

“Many thanks for your generous support during my time of need. It was very helpful and instrumental in saving my daughter.”
- RC – therapist

“I can’t believe how my life has changed in 8 weeks. I am painting every day – brilliant color – very abstract – it just flows. Just want to thank you again for your help in finally getting through the barrier. Thank you from my heart.”- LB – artist

“It was a pleasure and a delight to converse with you last week, I felt a breath of fresh air around me and lighter in thought after our reading together. I have since received the tape and listened to it last night – we certainly covered a lot of ground. Thank you also for your sweet note attached to the cassette, I too experience joy and harmony when we link up across the ocean. Thank you. I thank my angels for introducing me to you. Once one connects with people such as yourself on the higher and spiritual plane, you can never return to the old life, well I can’t, life is too exciting and has so much to offer, it is a challenge we must accept as a beautiful gift. Thank you Grace for your wisdom and understanding.”
- MM – interior designer, England

“Once again my deepest appreciation for your wise counsel and insights. I feel so blessed to have met you and to access your expertise.”- PW - British Columbia, Canada

“The journey of the past few months leaves me speechless and full of gratitude. I think of you often, and thank you for your guidance.”- JS – psychologist/professor

“Thank you for your extraordinary guidance, and especially for who you are BEING in the World. You are an ‘ANGEL’! I send you love, love, love and warm thoughts and laughter.”- KL - lawyer

“Thank you for the reading. You are so wise and insightful. I really appreciate knowing you are there!!”- EA – stylist for films

“I’ll be thinking of you for a long time. Your insights made me much more able to sleep last night without bad dreams. My head is so filled with thoughts that I don’t know where to begin to thank you.”- GK – truck and tractor sales

“Thank you and our guides for your most timely messages. Everything that was said resonated as true for sure.”- AM – counselor

“How wonderful to connect with you. I feel so much more connected to myself today! When I got off the phone with you, [my twelve-year-old son] was curious and very receptive about our phone call. He asked a lot of questions and I passed along much of your thoughts and intuition about him – he was very thrilled… Well, you should have seen his face – a grin from ear to ear. I also shared the life-ring story with him and he responded so beautifully! My heart thanks you.”- LB – counselor

“Just a quick note to put in the written word all the appreciation & love I feel for you. Your phone call several weeks ago was a validation I desperately needed.”- SK – naturopathic physician

“I wanted to write and thank you for seeing me. It was undoubtedly one of the most significant moments in my life and, on reflection, I consider it a watershed of sorts, and I wanted to thank you for that. You were right about there being a lot happening during that session and that I should take time to allow it to sink in. The next day I sobbed for three hours solidly – something I have never done before and something, I see now, I badly needed to do. I feel absolutely, that I was guided to come and see you and that you were the last piece in the jigsaw that made me realize what I was doing to myself and how to try and help myself sort things out, and for that, I shall always be grateful. As far as I am concerned, you are very gifted/blessed, whatever and I am so pleased I had the chance to meet you and experience first hand your marvelous abilities….I finally learned who I am and you played a great part in that. I would like to think that I could have some contact with you in the future (long distance) and that I could turn to you for help as and when I need it. I hope you don’t mind me doing that as it gives me comfort and confidence to know you are part of my ‘spiritual team’. I wish you every possible success and happiness in your own life and look forward to any future contact I may have with you. With my grateful thanks once again.”- CB – London, England

“Thank you for speaking the TRUTH with me the other day. My goodness … this ‘letting go’ business is never-ending. I really do feel like I am being transformed … Your insights are more powerful, of more assistance than I have the ability to comprehend. You really are a special gem, a wonderful treasure and I feel very very blessed to have you in my life. Thank you again!”- CR – healthcare worker

“Life is good. I find you in my thoughts often and give thanks for the wonderful teacher you have been for me.”- ES – marketing

“I’m enjoying my meditation tape and again I’m grateful. [My daughter] really enjoyed her session with you, and we are seeing lots of color in her paintings now!! It did give her a better understanding of her true self and of her choices! Again I thank you for your words and light. You are an amazing woman Grace.”
- NK – dog breeder

“This note comes with many many thanks for your time, patience and aid in my moment of distress – you are a truly wonderful, special lady, Grace, and I’m grateful for having you be a part of my life. My ‘moments’ continue, although with less frequency and intensity. You really helped me that day. I thank you. I was very scared and well – feeling hopeless. Again – thank you!”
- CK – psychic reader/healer

“What I really want to tell you is that my time with you was a turning point for me and I do thank you with all my heart. I sing your praises many times…but I really want you to know that I truly think you are very special and I shall love to see you again.”
- JE – interior design

“Many thanks for your tape. I have been listening to it almost daily. It is giving me great strength during this time of completion.”- KL – lawyer

“I can’t wait to get the tape. I really felt you connected with me when we spoke on Monday evening. I do want to continue with another reading. An hour just seems too short. It is amazing how your reading was completely correct for me, even if I still don’t want to hear all that you said, I’m certainly considering everything carefully. I know I need to learn to focus more inward and listen to my spirit. I’m thinking of the reading as guidance and some direction for my many choices and paths I may take. Already I’m paying attention to what is showing up for me this week. I can more clearly see things. I look forward to our next reading.”
- KA – travel agent

“Thank you for all your support, love, insight. You have made the greatest difference in my life.”- AP – actor

“Thank you for the session so many weeks ago! It was/is very helpful to me – I feel as if there are now a series of doors opening for me that would otherwise have been very difficult to access – life somehow seems much less over-stimulating and confusing. I am connecting both Earthwise and Heavenward. Thank you for the grace of your insight and willingness to help.”- SZ

“Thinking of all your help – all your many kindnesses – and most importantly your trust and support. I thank you.”
- CK – contract worker

“My deepest thanks to you and your guides for the help you give. I truly feel much more at peace now. You really opened me up to a world inside I had not been aware of. I still cry…”- ST – writer/artist

“Thank you for helping me to see the Light.”- LS – flight attendant - Dubai, UAE

“Your insight, love & support has assisted me more than I have words to express in opening me, in preparing me to walk into a beautiful new world – a world filled with love, wonder and rich beauty. Thank you for all you are….Thank you for helping me to find the ‘angel’ in me.”- CR – healthcare worker

“I think of you often and the tapes of our readings continue to be useful.”- SF – international workshop leader

“Thank you again for your assistance and help. I am looking forward to my healing and utilizing all the helpful tools you have given me. God bless you and thank you so much for your help.”
- CC – entrepreneur

“My ex from Iowa had really good ‘resonance’ with your words for me and wants a consultation.”- S

“Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us today. Both times I have spent with you I have experienced as being very exhilarating, energizing and uplifting! These readings have been and I expect will continue to be invaluable to me.”- AS – counselor

“Thank you Grace, for your guiding light in our lives.”
- PK – naturopathic doctor

“You are very kind and have calmed many of my troubled thoughts.”- MP – South Africa

“Thank you for giving me a beautiful insight into what my role is in this journey.”- IH – life coach

“Just the thought of you brings me joy! Thanks for bringing so much love and light into this world!”- SL – writer/poet

“Thank you Grace for your amazing reading. After speaking with you, I always feel better. I think I am through the rough part. Thanks for helping.” - MT - pilates instructor

“It was wonderful to hear your ‘magical’ voice – and great smile that I can feel through the phone! You are indeed an ‘angel’!!! Many thanks for the ‘extraordinary gift’ you are on the planet!!”
- KL - lawyer

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are truly amazing and gifted!”- KW - registered massage therapist

“As always a pleasure! Thank you for your valuable insight!”
- CH - owner and rep of gift lines

“Thanks so much, yet again, for your wise seeing and wise words.”- NT - health sales

“It was great to talk to you yesterday. Lovely to hear your voice! Thank you so much for the consultation. You were so helpful in helping me to establish clarity as to where I am at the moment.”
- MC - teacher/writer

“You are such a blessing to us all!”
- VB – counselor/spiritual teacher/rebirther

“A big hug to you and my gracious thanks and appreciation for honoring and nurturing the gift and talents you possess. I really appreciate being able to speak my mind and heart and have sincere feedback and coaching.”- BM - financial planner

“Thank you for sharing your gift with me, and reminding me of my own. I look forward to working with you again, when it’s time.”
- SR - writer

“Once again, thank you for the clear voice in my life. You are a continual reminder of my Self.”- NT – health sales

“My sincere thanks once again for being there when I need you to help me understand.”- LB - artist

“I know I’ll be talking to you again in the future but I just wanted to let you know how much you have helped me heal. I’ve learned to be more confident in trusting my guts and that I’ll be okay. Thank you.”- CD - psychiatrist

“Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. I’m going for it all the way. I love you very much. I can’t thank you enough for your support.”- RM – actor

“It was quite a session! I’m still vibrating, shaking, resonating with what came up, The feeling of alignment within is wonderful until the mind clicks in and goes: oh my God, this is too much...”
- LB – spiritual teacher

“Thanks for your help and direction.”
- BH – licensing consultant

“Thank you for all your help this past year. I am so glad to have you back in my life.- LB – artist

“Thank you for being in my life – for your love, wisdom, support and ‘bigger picture’ insight – I love you! And am deeply grateful for all that you have shared with me. Cheering you on – your clarity, honesty and meticulous insights have helped me.”- AP – actor

“Thanks once again for your unwavering clarity and love… Thank you once again for being such a clear voice and for your compassionate heart. I’ll stay in touch. ”- NT – health sales

“My heartfelt thank you for all you do for us.”- HS - healer

“I don’t quite understand the spirit world, but I do know that it plays a large role in my life and I also know that it has been trying to become more important than ever before. It meant a lot to me to be able to share my experience with someone who doesn’t think I have lost my mind. I would love to be be able to experience this on a deeper level – it is just a little scary… and it’s easier to deny than to accept. I cannot explain why, but I know that somehow you are to be an integral part of the journey that lies before me.”
- JD – medical transcriber

“Thank you so much for your help and guidance.”- LM -Ontario, Canada

“Thank you for being so much a part of the joy in my life!”
- SL – writer/poet

“Thank you for the blessing you are and for recognizing my true colour!”- A

“These are thank you dollars as there’s no words to thank someone for their caring. It is and will return a million fold we all just want you to know. Always with love and gratitude.”
- LC – shop and gallery owner

“Thank you in advance for your assistance in helping me choose the way to connect with my soul’s true path. Thanks again for being one of the messengers.”- LS – coach/pharmacist

“Thank you so much for our last two sessions. I am feeling very grateful these last few days for all that is and I always think of you.”- LB – Counselor

“Yesterday was a true gift talking to you – or perhaps – a sharing of life in our voices! You are truly and ‘ ANGEL’. " - KL – lawyer

“Thank you for your reading. It soothed my heart to hear a lot of what you said.”- BR – artist

“Thank you for your words and guidance– it has strengthened my resolve!”- FG – community planning

“Thank you – you have given me great advice.”- SH - Manitoba, Canada

“Thank you so very much for sharing your gifts with our family this past year.”- AS – counselor

“Thanks so much for your caring thoughts and words. As I travel through this life, I am so reassured by other souls like yourself, that love and loving are limitless and the very essence of my Being.”- BM – financial planner

“Your message on the phone was so loving. Thank you for your sweet encouragement. I’ve learned to be pretty hard on myself, unfortunately. I’m still breathing. Thanks for the metaphor of spiritual Lamaze.”- NP – teacher

“Thank you for the insights and for the positive energy boost.”
- DW – food service

“Our last conversation was hugely helpful and I have a little structure in my head that clarifies the fuzzy parts of my boundaries.”- SM – psychiatrist

“Thank you for your wonderful insight and abilities that you so generously share.”- MH – stockbroker

“It was wonderful and special for me to talk to you yesterday. You are an ANGEL! Thank you for your great contribution to the world and to love!”- KL – lawyer

“You simply are ‘The Best’. I know that in the next years to come you are really going to become aware of who you are and we will all be so lucky because we get to be a part of it. Thank you for sharing with us. Think of us as buds just starting to open and you are the sunshine to help nourish and help us grow into beautiful strong flowers. What a beautiful gift you are blessing us with.”
- LM – engraver

“I believe that you are touching many lives and creating such a difference here in this city. Certainly, our group speaks highly of your insights, your wisdom and integrity, and all have benefited from your visits along with that marvelous tape.”- PW – yoga teacher

“Thank You! I am so glad to have found you. I look forward to us meeting again soon.”- B

“I would like to order another ‘Magic Mind: The Magic of Intuition’ for a friend. I use it daily and thank you. “- RC- Alberta, Canada

“Thanks for my great reading! My sister is looking forward to hers. I’m sure it won’t be long before my next. Much has shifted, and thanks to you, has shifted in a much more positive direction! Thanks again.”- SL – writer/poet

“I want to express my love and appreciation to you for the time you spent with me yesterday and the absolutely incredible work you did with the crystals. I think you are absolutely wonderful and truly exceptional. I know you will go on to do great work with many. I am so pleased to have you in my life.”- CR – healthcare worker

“Thank you for an enlightening reading….I really enjoyed your reading yesterday and it helped to put a lot of things in perspective for me.”- EA – artist

“Many thanks for your time and sharing….and for your thoughts and insight.”- L P

“Thank you…the fire isn’t nearly so hot on the other side! You helped make something very difficult all that much easier!”
- CK – healer/psychic

“I am so glad I called you. I am anxiously awaiting my appointment with you. I won’t be too nervous, knowing your readings have always been a positive, uplifting and inspiring experience for me!”
- NK – dancer/actress

“My sincere thank you for all your encouragement and challenging remarks to me this year. You have truly been a blessing to me and allowed me to find my own voice.”- LB – artist

“Our talk was incredibly important and supportive. I was in a very good space for [leading] my workshop and it was a great experience. Again, thank you.”- LB – spiritual teacher/workshop leader

“Just a moment in time to let you know how thankful I am at what you have shared with me. My love and grace grow stronger every day, I am in love and light fully! You are an angel!”
- ST – writer/artist

“Thank you for your advice and assistance. [last year] was a roller coaster ride, and you helped me a great deal to get up those steep inclines, you also helped me realize that once on a crest, you can see that the rest of the ride isn’t all easy but full of excitement and experience. I have overwhelming love for you and wish you the best always.”- JG - entrepreneur

“In gratitude for the Return of the Light!”- WJ – author

“Warm thoughts of you and your guidance. Remember me from England.”- MM – interior designer

“Thank you once again for the information you transmitted regarding my client. Despite her skepticism regarding past lives, the information was meaningful and ‘true’ to her and it has helped her (in 2 weeks) to ‘unhook’ from her Tormentor.”- MW – therapist

“I really appreciate your sincerity in helping others and the integrity you hold with your work.”- LM – artist/psychic

“Thank you so much for your words, insights, affirmations….Thank you for your energy!”- RK – designer

“Thank you so much for my appointment. I really enjoyed and appreciated your insights and feedback.”- CC – entrepreneur

“Thank you very much for your time and insights you shared with me last night. I will make every effort to use the information to benefit myself and my loved ones, for the highest good of all concerned. I will call again.”- YJ – real estate

“Thank you so much for the extra time that you gave. Your warmth and guidance was greatly appreciated.”- DK – therapist

“We’ve both come back to our senses – more time to listen and know your words - thank you for guidance & light.”- JG- BC, CANADA

“You have truly helped me create magic and yes joy in my life. I feel so at ease with everything I did today. I see everything we talked about in the reading under a perfect umbrella.”- IH – life coach

“Thank you so much for the work you did with me yesterday with your crystals. It was an amazing experience and the sensations in my body were very powerful. I suspect it has had a very profound effect on deep levels. At any rate, I feel quite different. My heart center truly does feel quite expansive/expanded/open somehow. You are very precious and I am grateful to you – truly I am pleased to have you in my life. Just knowing you are there is somehow very calming.”- CR – healthcare worker

“Thank you again for the wonderful reading. No more damsels in distress! I’m being much more open with the new women in my life – live and learn.”- SE – entrepreneur

“Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with me. Your reading has had a great impact on me. I hope to meet you one day. I could feel you all the way from Vancouver. You are a lovely soul.”
- CC – doctor of Chinese medicine

“Lovely to talk with you – I appreciate your gifts and the good work you are doing for others!”- MF

“Your words have resonated often as I learn from experiences and replay old wounds. Thanks for clearing a bit of the trail for me.”
- SL - Quebec, Canada

“I know you will be of great assistance to me as you have in the past and I am truly grateful.”- Sue

“Many thanks for sharing your time and wonderful gifts with us. Just a brief note to thank you again for a wonderful afternoon. We had a lot of information to absorb and so appreciate all the time you spent with us. Our experience with you was most valuable and so helpful. What you communicated to us yesterday, was truly a gift and has given us an opportunity to expand our thinking, yet focus our energies. Our sincere thanks."- MM – advertising and PR

“Thank you Grace, for the ‘enlightening’ and always mentally stimulating session. I’ll speak to you again before long.”
- CK – government

“You are a very generous and loving person to provide such wonderful support! Thank you.”- SL – writer/poet

“Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. I am intrigued and find myself going ‘in and out of different levels of awareness’ since our chat.”- WR – medical administration

“Thanks again for the great reading. I’ve been feeling more grounded and hopeful the last couple of weeks. I have great appreciation for you and our connection.”- PK – massage therapist

“Thank you for your wisdom and insights.”- PW – spiritual group leader

“Once again I would like to thank you. My time with you was very meaningful.”- C

“Thank you for all your support, your laughter, your clarity, your light – and your love.”- C – life coach

“Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me.”
- PR – First Nations healer

“Thanks for the ‘beacon’ in the fog.”- S

“Again I want to say how much I enjoyed my session with you and enjoy my connection with you.”- LB – workshop leader

“Just a note to let you know that things are falling more into place….Thanks again for the great reading – it has been very helpful.- PK – bodyworker

“Thank you for your wisdom and guidance… which has been a strong anchor point in the ebbs and flows of my turbulence!”
- SK – jewelry designer

“Thank you so very much for your time and your thoughtful help. You are ever gracious.”- LB – artist

“Thank you so very much for the reading you did for me. It felt really good. I’m in the process of trying to ‘restructure’ my life to let in more of the ‘good things’ and to get myself off this treadmill I find I create. Thank you for being you and for being there.”
- CR – healthcare worker

“It was so reassuring to talk and listen with you. I certainly feel more centered, grounded, and able to think more clearly and directionally. Over the past few months I had, or rather was losing my spirituality, it felt like a piece of me was missing and I did not know how to retrieve the link. You have helped me now. Thank you again for your very valuable reading and time.”- MM – interior design

“With my thoughts and many many thanks for helping me to see with my heart and trust and love as I was meant to. You have been a safe harbour in the night – a calm during the storm through what has been the most difficult time in my life and … I thank you with all that I am.”- CK – healer/psychic/screenwriter

I appreciate hearing from my clients, and I am grateful for all the feedback and testimonials that I receive about my psychic work.

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