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The magic of intuition - MEDITATION

In-Lightning!® 5-minute meditations
Magic Mind magic meditations get you results in just five minutes. People always tell me that they don’t have time to meditate, so I created these five-minute In-Lightning meditations so you can receive Lightning-Fast Results!

This is the meditation that I was taught by my mentor, the Intuitive Consultant to the U.N., which I use every day to attune me to receive the highest guidance in my own psychic work.

This 5-minute meditation is designed to guide you through a short visualization to align your chakras, activate your intuition, and connect you to your divine source so you can receive clear guidance for your life. Also includes a powerful visualization for psychic protection.

CD $15

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Other titles in this series include:

Each meditation guides you to a certain frequency of vibration so you can achieve the results of your desired state immediately.
CD: $15 each, or buy any three for $40

The Magic of Magnetism – guided meditation to attract prosperity, love, success, and anything else you put the magic of your mind to, quickly and easily. CD $15

The Magic of Confidence – guided meditation to help you express your power and confidence on a daily basis so you can command respect and get the results you want in any situation. CD $15

The Magic of Joy – guided meditation for creating and manifesting joy, so you can experience joy in all facets of your life. CD $15

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