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Your Answers for Life

Your Answers for Life
Grace Welcomes You
August 8, 2005
Vol. II, Issue 32
ISSN 1715-1740
"Ask Grace" - Your Answers for Life
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Having the power of choice is a great gift, one that most people do not fully appreciate or employ in their lives. We have choice every moment of our life, and each choice we make affects and determines our past, present and future choices and reality. This week's column explores Free Will and the power of choice from the time before we are born, until beyond death.

I love answering this type of question that explores the deeper nature of life - the truth behind the mystery, and the mystery behind the truth. If you would like me to address more questions like this, please keep them coming (you can submit questions at Of course, I am also happy to answer broad questions about health, relationships, money, and other issues that affect all of our lives.

May you use your power wisely to make the best choices for your life,

This Week's Advice Column
Earth University   FREE WILL AND CHOICE Amazing Grace
Question:"Do we have free will or choice? If so, who is it that has free will or choice? Are the consequences of those choices arranged by the chooser?"

ANSWER: On this planet, Free Will reigns. Creator has given humanity absolute Free Will and the power of choice. What this means is that no outside force can interfere with our individual and collective choices, unless we allow them to, and no outside force can rescue us from those choices either. We hold the power of choice for ourselves and for our collective reality on this planet, unless we give our power over to another (which we frequently do in the form of governments, bosses, authority figures, even to our partners, etc.), but this too is a choice.

Most people do not realize their power of choice. They go through life unconscious of the divine power that dwells within them, feeling that they are victims of circumstance. Their beliefs allow them to be led by others as sheep, as drones and worker bees. Those who awaken to their awesome power realize that no matter what circumstances they find themselves in, they have the power to change and to create whatever they want, if they enact their will and choice. This is how two people can grow up in the ghetto, and one becomes a millionaire while the other becomes a convict - the only difference between them is the sum total of their choices and the consequences of those choices.

There are many levels and degrees of choice and Free Will that are impacted and influenced by a number of factors. Before you choose to incarnate, your Higher Self or soul chooses what your lifetime will be about: what your goals and objectives will be, what you will seek to learn and experience, what you will teach others, and whom you will encounter on your journey. Your Higher Self selects courses, similar to a student choosing a course of study at University. Earth is a great school in the Universe, so in this University, you have some required courses that are determined by your karmic requirements, and you have elective courses that you are free to choose. You will also choose an area to major in, which is your life purpose.

"I just wanted to thank you for your words of support and kindness. Also wanted to let you know how much I liked the reading. It was very on. It was very uplifting. It was very confirming. It was very comforting. It made me feel very positive about life and my role in life. It made me feel good about myself. It was very cool. Thanks again."

- E.Z., Toronto, ON

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What's Happening
Perfectionism   KEEP IN MIND: Angel Grace
I have been encountering many people lately who have been dealing with issues of perfectionism. No one is perfect, and there is no such thing as perfection on Earth - everything here is perfectly imperfect, which is what makes it uniquely beautiful. The emerald, which is the most highly prized and most valuable of all gemstones, is also the most flawed. We must embrace that we are created in divine perfection to be just as we are.

The desire for perfection robs you of appreciating yourself and your life. It causes nothing but pain and feelings of inadequacy, and makes it impossible to enjoy the moment. Whose idea of perfection are you striving to be? And who is it really pleasing? The Universe accepts you as perfect just as you are - who are you to judge what the Universe embraces?

If everyone and everything were perfect, then it would all be perfectly the same, which would make life on Earth perfectly boring!

Instead of fighting a losing battle of striving to be perfect and feeling like a failure because the task is impossible, choose to be "the best you" that you can be each day. You may not always be at your very best, but you'll be the best you can be that day. Being your best and doing your best is all that anyone (including yourself) can ask of you. If you choose to be your best self each day, then you will live the best possible life for yourself.

Daily Guidance
Daily Guidance for Monday:

"Accept the unaccepted. Forgive the unforgiven."


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