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Question: "I enjoy reading your page every week. I have talked to my brother-in-law last night and felt something very evil out of a conversation. While I was talking to him on the phone, I felt something very, very negative or low in my stomach. I knew it was very evil thought coming out from his speech. I sense negative thoughts anyone holds instantly when I face the person, but I try not to absorb it. It still takes some time to process my feeling and condition to bring back to normal, healthy level. Is there any suggestion to lift my vibration instantly when I come across such negative events? "

"Psychic Advice": There are very few truly evil people in this world, but there is a lot of negative energy, and a great deal of focus on negativity, which is promoted by our world media. Evil is "live" spelled backwards - it is an energy that is anti-life.

There are many types of negative energies in the Universe, just as there are many positive energies all around us. Like attracts like energy, and positive people attract positive energies and experiences to them, while people who think negative thoughts often attract negative energies and experiences to themselves. You can go to a great restaurant with a negative person who complains about everything, and if you taste their food, it really tastes awful, even if yours is great. A negative person can even have an affect on the weather, which is why we might say that person has a "black cloud over them".

Negative people also attract negative guides and entities who feed off their negative energy and emotions, just as positive people attract positive guides and entities who are fed by the vibrations of joy. These positive or negative guides and entities help us attract more experiences that will create the types of emotions within us that feed their particular frequency and vibration of energy.

Negativity creates a very low vibration that attracts more and more negative energy, negative experiences, and negative entities. This negative energy can continue to spiral downward into lower and lower vibrations of energy, such as anger, rage and depression. These lower frequencies become like a black hole that sucks everything into it, and sucks the life force and joy out of everything and everyone around it. In this way, one person's negativity can bring everyone else down.

Negative people can also be energy vampires who steal power, energy and joy from others. If you feel discomfort in your solar plexus area at the base of your ribs when you are with someone or talking to someone, that person is robbing your power by attempting to intimidate you, overpower you, manipulate you or control you. Put your right hand over your solar plexus immediately to regain your power, your center and your balance, then take a step back to move away from their energetic field of influence. If you feel the discomfort in your lower abdomen, it is a warning and a gut feeling to protect yourself from their negative energy and intent, so try to get away from them as soon as possible.

People who are negative and who exude a lot of negative energy are often filled with tremendous fear or anger. These people are in pain and feeling vulnerable, so they use negativity to push other people away. These people need love and blessings. Love is the antidote to negativity, and to evil. If you get angry or upset at negative people or situations, you are only contributing to the negativity by empowering it with your energy - you are feeding it with your negative thoughts and emotions, and that is how negativity grows and persists in this world. Love does not feed negativity, but it helps to heal it. Whenever you encounter negative people or negative situations, send love and blessings to them, send compassion and angels to support healing and restore balance and harmony.

Above all, it is important not to take this anger or negativity personally, and don't take it on. Being around negative people can be draining physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Negativity sucks the life force out of people around it, so it is important to protect yourself energetically. Always keep a force-field of light around yourself to protect your personal space. Envision this bubble of light around you every day when you first wake up, and throughout the day whenever you encounter negative people, negative energies, or uncomfortable situations.

You may find that it is better and healthier for you to keep your distance from negative people such as your brother-in-law, and to speak to him only when you have to. Whenever you think of him, remember to send him loving thoughts and blessings, otherwise, if thinking of him brings up negative thoughts for you, then that will rob you of your power, and will lower your energy and vibration. If you are face-to-face with a negative person, it can be helpful to physically move away, take a step back and create some distance where you can reclaim your power and personal space, because negative people often have no boundaries, and have no respect for other people's boundaries.

When you encounter negative energy, envision yourself holding up a shield that is a mirror, which deflects the negativity and protects you from it. Detach yourself from the negativity, allowing yourself to simply be an observer and bystander without being engaged in it. Think of it like watching a play from the balcony, where it can be almost amusing and entertaining, rather than being caught up in the drama that is unfolding on stage.

If you find that you have taken on negative energy or negative thoughts and emotions, imagine that they are sandbags holding down your balloon. As you release each of these negative thoughts and feelings, you let go of a sandbag so your balloon can become lighter and lighter until it is able to fly.

The way to really overcome negativity is to rise above it, so shake it off and choose light thoughts and light emotions. Laughter is the fastest way to raise your vibration, so try to find some humor in the situation. The Universe is full of humor, if we do not take life personally or seriously; every situation can have its humorous or positive side, if we are willing to look for it and to see it from that perspective. Love and joy promote wellbeing and life-force, so live well, laugh often, and love much - even in the presence of negative people. Your love and joy might raise them up instead of their negativity bringing you down.

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