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Question:"Do we have free will or choice? If so, who is it that has free will or choice? Are the consequences of those choices arranged by the chooser?"

Psychic Advice : On this planet, Free Will reigns. Creator has given humanity absolute Free Will and the power of choice. What this means is that no outside force can interfere with our individual and collective choices, unless we allow them to, and no outside force can rescue us from those choices either. We hold the power of choice for ourselves and for our collective reality on this planet, unless we give our power over to another (which we frequently do in the form of governments, bosses, authority figures, even to our partners, etc.), but this too is a choice.

Most people do not realize their power of choice. They go through life unconscious of the divine power that dwells within them, feeling that they are victims of circumstance. Their beliefs allow them to be led by others as sheep, as drones and worker bees. Those who awaken to their awesome power realize that no matter what circumstances they find themselves in, they have the power to change and to create whatever they want, if they enact their will and choice. This is how two people can grow up in the ghetto, and one becomes a millionaire while the other becomes a convict - the only difference between them is the sum total of their choices and the consequences of those choices.

There are many levels and degrees of choice and Free Will that are impacted and influenced by a number of factors. Before you choose to incarnate, your Higher Self or soul chooses what your lifetime will be about: what your goals and objectives will be, what you will seek to learn and experience, what you will teach others, and whom you will encounter on your journey. Your Higher Self selects courses, similar to a student choosing a course of study at University. Earth is a great school in the Universe, so in this University, you have some required courses that are determined by your karmic requirements, and you have elective courses that you are free to choose. You will also choose an area to major in, which is your life purpose.

Your Higher Self then chooses your teachers: your parents, siblings, and even extended family and friends. Often these are souls who are part of your soul group with whom you incarnate over and over again, playing different roles for one another. The people you incarnate with can also be in your life to resolve karmic issues from other lifetimes. Usually, a soul will "hang around" with its prospective parents for several months to several years before choosing to incarnate. Of course, the parents have choice in this matter as well - some of that choice is conscious, as with planned parenthood, and some of that choice may be unconscious (parents will attract a soul that is resonating on a similar frequency as the thoughts and emotions of the parents around the time of conception, but parents can use conscious choice and Free Will to call in a soul that has certain desired qualities and energy). Sometimes, being born into a family can be part of a soul's life purpose, perhaps to help the family heal, or to experience unconditional love and acceptance, or to develop compassion, etc.

Your Higher Self chooses certain situations that it believes will create the right circumstances for your growth and learning, and for the evolution of your soul. However, once you arrive on Earth, you have Free Will that can override your Higher Self's choices for you. Usually this occurs out of fear: for instance, you may have extraordinary gifts in certain areas, but for one reason or another, you fear expressing them as your life path, so you choose another path (which is usually far more difficult and far less fulfilling). Another example of overriding Free Will occurs when two people are destined to find each other as soulmates, but one chooses not to continue in that relationship, again, usually out of fear. Often what we seem to fear the most is the depth of love, ease and joy that our true path would take us to (perhaps because of a belief of not being worthy of that).

Even with karmic situations, you have Free Will and choice. Your unresolved issues from previous lifetimes follow you into this life, and determine some of the options available to you in this lifetime. In our University scenario, you could consider these prerequisite courses that you must take before you can continue with your desired course of study. But you have choice as to how you take these courses, and your choices determine whether you pass or fail, and whether you have to take these courses again in your next life. When you encounter people with whom you have karmic ties, you will often feel an instant attraction or an instant revulsion, and you may feel like you know that person or have met them before. You have choice as to how you pursue that relationship, and those choices determine whether you complete those karmic issues or not. You can choose whether to heal them, forgive them, resolve them, or even make them worse through blame, resentment, hatred, etc.

In every moment, you have choice in your life, and the choices you make determine the next set of choices that are available to you. These choices affect your future in this lifetime, and also determine your options for future lifetimes (Dr. Brian Weiss's book, "Same Soul, Many Bodies" illustrates this beautifully). The more you grow and evolve in this life, and resolve your karmic issues, the more Free Will choices are available to you in the next lifetimes; once your karma is completely resolved, you are free of your Earthly bond, and you can choose not to come back again. That's the end of the reincarnation game (on Earth anyway), or you can choose to come back in an enlightened form to serve others, and risk getting karmically reconnected to the wheel of incarnation. (Sounds a little like a carnival game, doesn't it? Step right up, test your will, strength and power - don't be shy, everyone wins in the end!)

Until something is chosen, it remains simply a possibility in the field of potentiality. The moment you choose it, you start to bring it into third dimensional reality. The more strongly and more frequently you choose it, the faster it manifests (which is why affirmation is so powerful). The future is not fixed: it is simply possibility and probability until it is chosen by the individual, and by the collective. The more frequently a particular choice is made, the more probable that outcome becomes, but at any time, another choice can change it (the future for the Earth is not yet chosen, but it is up to each of us to choose wisely and hold the vision of what we really want to experience, rather than letting our collective fear manifest our future reality).

From the perspective of quantum physics, in the Now, all possibilities exist. The moment you make a choice, you narrow those possibilities to the choice you are making (which includes all choices related to that choice that are on the same frequency or wavelength). For instance, in this moment, you could choose to go anywhere, and the possibilities are infinite. If you choose to go to California, you have narrowed the options of where you are going, but you still have infinite choices as to where you go in California, and how you choose to get there. There are infinite routes and destinations to choose from, and infinite combinations thereof, but your choice of going to California sets limits and parameters of the choices that are now available to you.

However, in each now, you still have all possibilities available to you - even once you've arrived at your destination, you could still choose to go somewhere else. Your choices are again infinite, unless your beliefs create a limitation (I've already purchased my ticket to go to California, how could I choose something else, I'm stuck with that choice). You are never stuck with any choice, you always have the choice and the power to choose again, and in any given now, the choices and possibilities are infinite.

Everything in the Universe is energy, and that energy moves in waves on different frequencies. When you choose to listen to the radio, you are accessing radio waves that are on the particular frequency of the radio station you are attuning to. Whenever you choose anything, you are using your thoughts and energies to attract to you those things that are resonating at the frequency of those particular thoughts and energies. The stronger your thoughts and energies are about a particular choice (this is the amplitude or height of the energy wave), and the more frequently you have thoughts and feelings about that choice (this is the frequency of the energy wave), the more quickly you will draw it to you. Also, the more energy and power that you have available to you in the present moment (by not being concerned about the past or future), the faster you will manifest your choices in the moment.

For every choice there is consequence, or a sequence of consequences (con-sequences) that follow from that choice. Every choice sets in motion a sequence of events that each present a new set of choices and options. At any given time, you are free to choose from those options, or to step outside self-imposed limitation, and choose from the infinite possibilities once again.

You are responsible for your choices, and for the consequences of those choices - but this is not to say that you are to "blame". We often use responsibility as a synonym for blame, which is why so many people are afraid of taking responsibility, but with responsibility comes power - the power of choice! If you accept that you choose your reality, and that you are responsible for your experience, then you have the power to change it and to create it any way you choose. This is your God-given power, and it is available to anyone who chooses it.

You have choice every moment of your life, from before your birth until after your death. Those who have returned from near-death experiences have shown us that we have choice even after the last breath is taken. Every choice you make in this life either empowers you or disempowers you; each choice either supports your joy, prosperity and wellbeing, or robs you of it. No matter what circumstances you find yourself in, you choose your response to that situation, and your response determines your ultimate experience.

There are no victims, unless one chooses to be that. Those who survive terrible ordeals do so by the power of choice - not only the choice to survive, but also the choice of their thoughts, emotions, and responses to their circumstances. Different people may karmically draw abusive situations to them, but some choose to be a victim, which colors their choices and what they believe to be possible for them for the rest of their lives, while others choose to forgive, heal and overcome their pain, which empowers them for the rest of their lives.

We always have divine help and support available to us, but the law of Free Will forbids interference, unless we ask for help. You are not here alone: you have a whole team of guides, angels and helpers available to you at every moment. They can guide you and advise you, but you make the ultimate choice and you determine your ultimate outcome and destination for your life. Each choice you make either moves you closer to your desired destination/destiny, or away from it - you choose.

The beauty of a psychic reading is that it can outline the best choices and options available to you at any moment, and reveal your greatest gifts and life purpose to you that your Higher Self chose for you as your highest life path. You always have the power of choice - the future is not set in stone, neither individually nor collectively for the planet itself. The choices you make in this moment determine your future happiness and contribute to the future welfare of all of humanity.

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"Responsibility is power. You have the power of choice.
You are always responsible for the choices you make and the actions you take."
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