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"Psychic empathic traits" & "Why an empath feels anxiety" Psychic Advice Column addresses inquiries related to: Empath life path, Empath sympathetic, How to increase global awareness, Global human chaos, Unblocking empathic feelings and more.

Psychic empathic traits
Why an empath feels anxiety
PART I ( read part II )

Question: "I am a sponge to the global chaos in the now and it's nearly destroying me - this is all new to me, realizing it's not me, it's the energy of the entire globe. I've had this battle all my life - a sponge of people's emotions (always thought I was crazy) - but now hear their actual thoughts too. I touch an object in the grocery store and see our future - and feel it. This is horrible and I need to learn the Light Side. Meditation is a short hour of feeling good - I can't meditate 24/7. The rest of the time I feel all the suffering on the planet. Literally. It is crushing me. Guidance for peace?"

"Psychic Advice":
You are experiencing powerful psychic empathic traits that are increasing at this time of global turmoil. We are in a time of great change, which some will experience as upheaval. Many people fear change because they fear the unknown - this is because they do not recognize that they have the divine power of Free Will to create the outcome that they choose.

Most of humanity remains asleep, and these global catastrophes are designed to awaken people on a massive scale before it is too late. However, because most people are unconscious or semi-conscious, the media takes the opportunity to direct and influence the masses by controlling and manipulating emotions. The easiest way to control a population is through fear.

Waves of mass fear and panic have been moving through the collective consciousness due to recent media-promoted events (fortunately, this has somewhat calmed down before it reached mass hysteria). Those who have psychic empathic traits are feeling the fear of the collective consciousness, so it is no wonder why an empath feels anxiety at this time.

The time of the Earth changes has begun, and the mighty winds of change are upon us. We stand at a crossroads of Creation where we can no longer continue on the path that we have been on. Now we must either choose to take the high road, or the low road.

The high road is one where we realize the power of our Free Will; where we recognize that our thoughts and emotions create our present and future reality, and that they contribute to the collective outcome and experience. Therefore, in order to take the high road, we must raise our vibration above the fear and panic, we must hold the energy of peace and faith within us, and we must shine our light as a beacon for others to find their way through the darkness and into the light. Those who are awake and aware must help to gently awaken others into the light of understanding. We must rise above and choose the high way - the free way. This will set you free from the anxiety of the masses.

The low road is one where we succumb to fear, where we let fear dominate our thoughts, rule our emotions, guide our actions and destroy our lives. Where there is fear, there can be no peace, but where there is peace, there can be no fear.

What we fear most is loss, but the only things that can be lost are those things that exist only in the illusory dimension of the physical. You can never lose what is real, for what is truly real is eternal and undying. You can lose your body but you cannot lose your soul. You can lose your heart but you cannot lose love. You can lose your eyes but you cannot lose your vision. You can lose money but you cannot lose true wealth. You can lose things, but you cannot lose what has true value. You may lose your health, your loved ones, you may even lose your mind, but you gain wisdom, compassion, depth and strength through these experiences. Do not fear what you can lose, but focus on what is truly and eternally yours, for therein lies your power, and no one and nothing can take that away from you. Above all, do not lose your faith, your hope, or your will.

If humanity continues to choose the path of fear, it is choosing the path of destruction. Still, the future is not set in stone. Each individual choice determines and affects the collective outcome. The visions that you see of the future are but potentials and possibilities, and are therefore mutable and changeable - where there is a will there is a way. The more people invest their thoughts, emotions and energies in a particular vision of the future, the more probable that outcome becomes. What vision do you choose for the future of this Earth and for humanity?

We are not victims here - we each hold the power of Free Will choice, and it is not to be underestimated. It is up to each of us to choose the reality we wish to create, and invest in that with all of our thoughts, with all of our emotions, with all of our actions, and with all the power of our Free Will. Do not allow the shadow of doubt to obscure your light. Do not allow the looming darkness to interfere/interfear with your resolve. Do not look to the darkness to guide you, for it can only take you into the depths of despair - look to the eternal light for guidance, it is always there for you, always and in all ways.

Be the Light that you are - even one light shining can shed light to dispel the darkness. When many lights come together, the darkness simply disappears, as illumination leads to enlightenment. Those who are awake and aware must choose the high road, rise above the darkness into the light and be the beacon of light to guide others.

Do not succumb to control and manipulation of fear - do not be gripped by it, or it will choke the joy out of your life, thereby lowering your vibration into the abyss where all seems to be abysmal. You dig a hole one shovel at a time - you create a depression one thought at a time, digging a hole with each thought until it becomes so deep you that it becomes difficult to get out of.

Wrap yourself in the Light of Love and Peace, for it is your greatest protection, and your highest hope. Hold the vision of peace for humanity, and invest in that with all of your will and intent. Allow the prevailing winds of change to clear away confusion and bring peace and clarity to one and all. So be it.

(This is not quite the column I intended to write - a message "took over" that felt like it urgently needed to be expressed. I will address the actual question more directly in next week's column as Part II.)

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