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"PARALLEL TIMELINES - TIME TRAVEL" Psychic Advice Column addresses inquiries related to: "What would happen if we could time travel", "Time travel to alternate timelines and parallel worlds", "Parallel worlds time travel astral experiences", "What is alternate realities", "Multidimensional civilizations" and more...

Special Excerpt from the Ask Grace Newletter:
We are constantly evolving in our consciousness, and
as our consciousness grows and evolves, it
increases what we believe to be possible. The realm
of possibilities is always infinite, and all things are
always possible.

Leonardo da Vinci knew that it was
possible for a man to fly and designed flying
machines in the 15th Century, but it wasn't until 1903
that the Wright Brothers made the first successful
flight in an airplane. Since then, flying has not only
become possible for everyone, but has become an
everyday part of life with 2.5 million flights worldwide
on a monthly basis.

Time travel is also a possibility. There are many ways
to travel in time that are currently available to us, and
some that are still evolving. This week's
column, "Parallel Timelines - Time Travel" explores
the nature of time and time travel, as well as parallel
worlds and alternate realities


Question: "Is there such a thing as time travel? There is a man I think I love - he is dead, died in 1992."

"Psychic Advice":
Time travel to alternate timelines and parallel worlds is indeed possible. Time is not linear, it is multidimensional, with all dimensions existing simultaneously. Therefore time travel is also not linear - we do not travel along a timeline to get to the past or the future, we take quantum leaps to time travel into parallel timelines.

You can time travel to parallel timelines with your mind. For example, whenever you have a memory of the past, your consciousness does not travel back through every moment of every experience you've had since then, your consciousness leaps to that memory of that experience. Sometimes those memories are so vivid that you re-experience all of the emotions and sensations as if you are reliving it in the moment. (Your mind and body do not know the difference between a thought and an actual experience, and will respond as if you are actually having the experience now - this is why your heart races when watching a scary movie, or why your mouth salivates if you imagine eating a lemon.)

You can also time travel into the future. Deja-vu is when you have memories of the future, you just may not be aware that you have already experienced that future on another level of consciousness. We can experience parallel timelines and time travel in our dreams, in meditation, under hypnosis, and under the influence of certain mind-altering substances. Some people also experience parallel worlds and time travel through astral experiences (otherwise known as astral projection or out-of-body experiences).

In order to access parallel timelines and time travel, you must raise your vibration and consciousness to a higher frequency. We are not our body, we are multidimensional beings living in a multidimensional universe. Therefore we can time travel to parallel timelines at will, we just may not always believe or understand what we are experiencing.

Many people have spontaneous "past life memories" - past lives are actually occurring simultaneously because time is not linear. Therefore, we can have "future lifetimes" that are in the past, and "past lifetimes" that are in the future. People who have memories of past lifetimes (or future lifetimes), either through dreams, hypnosis, or waking trance-like visions (such as daydreaming, or visions brought on by altered states of consciousness), are actually experiencing time travel to alternate timelines and parallel worlds.

What are alternate realities? Imagine that the universe is like a honeycomb, with each segment of the honeycomb being an alternate reality or parallel world existing simultaneously. For every choice we make, an alternate reality exists where we made the other choice, and our alternate self continues to live that alternate reality following the path and consequences of that choice. (There are alternate realities where those who have died did not die, and continue to live. Likewise, if you have faced close calls in this life where you have almost died, there are alternate realities in which you did die during those events.)

We all have the ability to access other dimensions at any time, we just have to believe that we can, have the intention to do it, and know how to do so. This is why psychics can access the past, present and future, as well as past lives and even future lifetimes. When people die, their consciousness rises to a higher frequency and they continue to exist on another dimension - this is why mediums can contact the dead, because they raise their frequency in order to connect with that dimension. We can all continue to have relationships with those who are on higher dimensions - love can transcend time and space.

Many people report having experiences with those in other dimensions, although skeptics want to dismiss this possibility. Children have very real relationships with what adults call "imaginary friends" - these are beings that exist on higher dimensions that children can easily access because they are naturally intuitive and have not had their belief systems limited or their psychic abilities shut down. Our society trains us not to see or perceive things that exist in other dimensions claiming that they are not "real" (or labeling it as insanity), but this ability is natural and inherent in all of us - it is more normal and natural than it is paranormal or supernatural.

People see ghosts and experience visitations from departed loved ones. One can have and maintain a relationship with someone who is "On The Other Side". When this occurs, it is usually because those two souls are connected in some way - either because one needs help from the other, or because they have a strong bond at the soul level from this lifetime, or from other lifetimes or parallel dimensions.

How far can we travel back into time?  We can travel as far "back" in time as our consciousness will allow, we just may not believe or understand what we are seeing or experiencing. Likewise, we can also travel as far into the future as we choose to - Nostradamus was able to consciously travel hundreds of years into the future and describe things he had no way of understanding, such as flying machines and skyscrapers. There is no limit to how far we can travel in time or space, we are only limited by our own conscious beliefs about what is possible, because those beliefs determine and limit our reality. 

All of us can time travel in our consciousness, but what would happen if we could time travel in our body? There are mystics who have been known to teleport and bi-locate, such as Sai Baba. The Philadelphia Experiment, although highly debated and officially denied, maintains that the U.S. Navy was able to teleport a manned ship from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Norfolk, Virginia in 1943. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle states that a particle is able to locate itself anywhere in its wave, therefore it is theoretically possible for anything to exist and appear at any point along its timeline. Our vast universe is filled with countless multidimensional civilizations and some UFO theorists hypothesize that UFO's do not travel linearly through time and space, but raise their frequency so they can disappear and reappear whenever and wherever they choose to.

We can time travel to alternate timelines and parallel worlds, and experience multidimensional civilizations of all kinds at will. Time travel to parallel timelines can allow us to experience our own past lives or future lifetimes, or the past or future of this lifetime. We can also access other dimensions and alternate realities where those who have departed from the Earth plane continue to exist, and we can continue to experience love and communion with those who exist in other dimensions and alternate realities.

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