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"Synchronicity" Psychic Advice Column addresses inquiries such as:"synchronicity theories", "numbers and synchronicity", "tapping into synchronicity", & the "power of synchronicity".


Question: "What role do synchronicities play in understanding the vibrational (spiritual) plane?"

"Psychic Advice":
There are many "synchronicity theories" and ideas about what synchronicity is and how it works. Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, coined the term synchronicity, defining it as a "meaningful coincidence" that has a low probability of being a random or chance event. From a spiritual perspective, synchronicity is one of the tools that our intuitive guidance system uses to communicate with us and get our attention.

Within the Divine Matrix of All That Is, we have many facets and dimensions of support. Part of this support system comes from our spirit guides, who guide us through every moment of our lives. Our spirit guides vibrate at a much higher frequency than we do, and have a much higher perspective than we do on our own lives, on the world and on the Universe as a whole. From that higher perspective, our guides help us navigate our life path, much the way that a navigator in a plane directs the pilot on the best route to the chosen destination.

Our guides are always communicating with us, but because the third dimension is very slow and dense in its vibration, most humans are too dense to perceive or understand their guidance. Guides attempt to communicate with us through our dreams, gut feelings, signs, symbols, déjà vu, and through synchronicity. Not only do our guides use synchronicity to get our attention, but they also literally move heaven and earth to co-ordinate those synchronicities so that we take notice of a particular path or message. Once you become aware of tapping into synchronicity, you can align with your guides and let synchronicity be an intuitive decision making tool.

Synchronicity is when you experience one or more related events that are unlikely to occur, such as thinking about a person that you haven't spoken to in a long time, hearing from them that day, then bumping into them on the street shortly thereafter. Synchronicity can also involve circumstances like deciding to take a detour and finding out that you missed an accident on the route you would have otherwise taken, or sitting down next to someone who happens to have the perfect job for you and you are the ideal person they're looking for.

Many people have experiences with numbers and synchronicity, where they wake up at the exact same time in the wee hours of the morning, or they always look at the clock when it says 11:11. Spirit guides often use numbers and synchronicity to get our attention, so take a moment to notice what is going on around you or within you during these times. If you wake up in the middle of the night at the same time, perhaps it would be a good idea to meditate or write in a journal to see what comes to you. If you keep seeing the same numbers over and over again, consider them to be signposts leading you to the right path, or letting you know that you are on the right path. (Sometimes departed loved ones can also use numbers and synchronicity to send you messages, or let you know they are with you.)

Some synchronicity theories dismiss these occurrences as happenstance or luck, while others allude to Divine Providence. Essentially, synchronicity involves certain events in the Universe lining up perfectly for your benefit. When synchronicities happen repeatedly and in succession, it creates a quickening that allows everything to unfold effortlessly for you, if you are willing to follow and flow with it.

It takes a great deal of effort for our guides to communicate with us or coordinate things in the third dimension. We can make this much easier for them and for us when we are willing to raise our vibration through meditation, joy and gratitude. It also makes it easier for all concerned when we consciously pay attention to and act upon the signs and synchronicities that our guides create for us.

You can ask for synchronicity to guide you whenever you have an unresolved issue, a question, or a decision to make. One way of tapping into synchronicity as an intuitive decision making tool is to ask your guides to give you three gentle signs (always ask for things to be gentle!) that are clear and easy enough for you to understand. Ask for three signs because the first one is easy to miss or ignore, the second one can be dismissed as coincidence, but the third we must finally accept as synchronicity and divine guidance.

Remember that the Universe has a great sense of humor, so when you ask for three signs, be prepared to receive them in unusual and amusing ways. Pay attention to messages on the radio, or songs that play in your head - really listen to the words. Your signs may come on billboards, or bumper stickers, or you may meet someone who leads you to exactly what you need. Your guides will use whatever is available to get your attention, but you must be willing to follow that guidance and get out of your own way. The more excited and grateful you are about receiving these signs and synchronicities, the higher you raise your vibration, and the easier it is for your guides to work with you and help you.

Synchronicity occurs when events in time and space are synchronized in a way that is meaningful or beneficial to you. If you synchronize your energy with the synchronicity that your guides are arranging for you, then you align yourself with divine timing, allowing you to be in the flow of the divine plan. Synchronicity will lead you to joy, to bliss, and to success if you patiently allow the synchronicities to unfold before you, instead of trying to force or control life; this is the highest path of least resistance.

Synchronicity essentially parts the sea of time and space to guide you to what you most desire to experience on your life's journey, if you will head and follow its messages. It is like finding the sweet spot of life and riding the cosmic wave of the Universe. Consider synchronicity to be your guides dropping breadcrumbs for you to follow on the path that will ultimately lead you home. Tapping into synchronicity as an intuitive decision making tool can make your life infinitely easier and more joyful, for you and for your guides. That is the "power of synchronicity".

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