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This Psychic Advice Column addresses inquiries such as: "careers for empaths", "what are the good things about being an empath", "levels of an empath", "comfort for empaths", "responsibility of an empath", "unblocking empath feelings", & "being an empath".


Question#1: "I have been told by more than a couple of psychics that I have empathic abilities, but that I have not 'opened' myself to it. What exactly does this mean and how can I tap into it to help others and myself?"

"Psychic Advice":
Opening to your empathic abilities really involves learning to trust how you feel. Empathy is the ability to feel what another person is feeling, either physically or emotionally. Because of this, empaths often feel the pain of others, causing many empathic people to wonder what are the good things about being an empath. The answer is that empathy is a gift (even though it doesn't always feel like one) because it allows you to help others to heal their pain. By helping others to feel better, you help yourself to feel better in every way.

There are many different ways that you can help others with your empathic abilities, either as a "hobby" or as a career. Being a healer is one of the great careers for empaths. Other ideal careers for empaths include being a counselor or therapist, especially for children or animals, or for those with special needs who have difficulty communicating. Empaths are great working with people or children who have been traumatized or abused, because they can be more gentle with them and sensitive to their needs. Empaths make great listeners, because they are able to really listen profoundly within themselves.

Other great careers for empaths would be doing massage or bodywork. An empath has a greater ability to know what a person really needs in order to feel better. Sometimes the place that a person feels pain or discomfort in the body is not the source of that pain. An empath can determine the root cause of discomfort, and whether it originates on the mental, emotional, spiritual or physical level. An empath can also pinpoint what to work on in order to correct and heal the pain or discomfort.

Empaths make great nurses and doctors - in fact, our medical system would be so much more effective, efficient and nurturing if more nurses and doctors were encouraged to trust their intuition and develop their empathic abilities. All types of practices that involve healing are perfect careers for empaths.

Empaths are also great working with plants, because they can pick up the energy of plants to promote and support their health and wellbeing. Empaths are great at Feng Shui, architecture and design, because they can feel the energy of a space and what it needs in order to flow comfortably. Empaths could also be great in real estate, or any business that involves people, because an empath can feel what people really want and need, and can feel immediately whether something is right for them or not.

These are just some of the careers for empaths that highlight what are the good things about being an empath. However, empaths must be careful not to take on the energies of others, and if they do, they must learn to release other people's energies.

Question#2:"I've read pretty much the same definitions for being an empath, and while the description fits, it doesn't often mention being able to take away a person's physical pain and take that feeling on yourself. I recently have experienced this. My boyfriend had a horrible allergic reaction and pain in his throat. I put my head to his to help him relax and touched him. He then told me his pain was gone after just a minute, but at that point I started feeling pain in the same region he had complained of. I later described it to him and he verified it was the same type of pain. Once I realized I took on his pain, I tried to get rid of it, and it wasn't too long later he was complaining again. What did I do? Is this part of being an empath?"

"Psychic Advice":
Taking on the feelings of others, including their pain and ailments, is part of being an empath. It is a form of empathic or psychic healing known as transmutation, where you absorb another person's pain into your body in order to transform and transmute it. This is a natural gift that many empathic children have - it comes from a place of love and a desire to help others. Being empathic can be painful when you are picking up the pain of others, but that pain is there to let you know that a person needs your help and healing.

Transmutation, or taking in another person's pain in order to transform it may come naturally to many empaths, but it can be painful and even dangerous. If you find yourself doing this, you need to create some kind of intention or visualization to heal and release that energy from you. You can visualize a white or violet flame burning up that pain or ailment, or you can imagine yourself removing that energy from you and throwing it into a bowl of water, where it is cleansed. Also, it would be wise to say an affirmation like, "I completely release all that is not mine and transform it in the light of love."

Instead of taking another person's pain or condition into you, it would be better for everyone if you use your empathic healing abilities to help them determine the root cause of their pain, and whether it is on the mental, emotional, spiritual or physical level. You can also allow yourself to feel what is necessary for you to do, or for them to do, in order to heal that condition. Then, with their permission and co-operation, you can have the intention to channel healing energy through you and into them, either through your mind or through your hands. You can visualize the condition changing and healing within them.

Question#3:"I was wondering what is the best way to develop my intuitive powers. I believe I am an empath, as well as being gifted with other abilities, but am wondering how I determine when I am 'feeling' someone else's feelings, or if they are my own experiences; and also how to determine who that person is."

"Psychic Advice":
The best way to develop your intuitive powers is to work with them every day - as with all abilities, practice makes your intuition stronger. The first thing you need to do each day is to take an inventory of how you are feeling in your body and in your emotions before you encounter anyone else. As you go through your day, notice how you feel when you go to different places or interact with others. If you suddenly feel different than you did a moment before, then you are picking up the energy of someone else, or even the energy of the place you're in.

Always ask yourself if what you are feeling is yours, or does it belong to someone else. If it is not yours, you can ask whose energy it is, and trust whatever comes to mind, or whatever you feel within you. Next you can ask if there is anything that you are meant to do about it. If so, act according to what you feel inside; if there is nothing for you to do about it, then simply release it, with an affirmation saying "I am willing to work with all that is mine, and I release all that is not mine."

As an empath, you can easily pick up on other people's pain in different parts of your body, or you can pick up their emotions. You can find yourself feeling depression or anger that does not belong to you. Therefore you must be clear about what you were feeling within yourself before you felt those feelings in order to determine whether they are yours or not. Empaths must also be diligent about surrounding themselves with a bubble of white light all the time to protect them from absorbing other people's energies.

Whenever you ask yourself "What are the good things about being an empath?", remember that the answer is that it allows you to help others. Helping one another is what humans are here for, because this is what love is about. Empathy is a profound form of love, because it allows you to connect with another person at the deepest level in order to assist them to heal their pain and create joy and harmony in their life. The greatest careers for empaths are those that allow them to use their empathic abilities to heal and to help other people and other living things.

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