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Question: "I am a Realtor, and find myself in other people's homes daily. With all the change energetically in the Universe (as well as the Real Estate market), is there anything I can do to use my intuition and my skills to make people feel better about homes?"

Psychic Advice:
Keep in mind that whatever the "market" is doing, houses can still sell. I can offer energetic hints to help sell a house, whether you are a homeowner or a realtor. This column provides tips to sell a house fast, and things you can do to make people feel better about buying and selling a home, whether it is your home, your listing or someone else's.

First you must remember that everything is energy, and energy is everything. Whether we are aware of it or not, the first thing that we respond to with people, places and things is energy, therefore we respond and react to the way these things make us feel.

Most people think that they have to make a house look great in order to sell it, and while that is important, it is not the most important thing. The difference between a house and a home is how it feels. Many realtors make the mistake of thinking that they are selling houses, when what they are really selling are homes. These are not just commodities with four walls and a roof, they are places where people will raise children, celebrate holidays with family and friends, share meals and parties with guests, etc. Homes are the places where memories are made, and as such they are filled with feeling.

Of course, life brings us laughter as well as tears, and our homes hold the energy and vibration of all that has transpired there. This energy seeps into the walls, so it is not enough to simply do a spring cleaning to sell your home. One must do an energetic cleansing to clear out any negative energy and fill the house with positive energy so it can be a wonderful, attractive and happy home for its new owner.

Buying or selling a house is all about change for all those involved, and for most people, these changes can be stressful. There can be painful reasons for selling a house, such as a divorce or death, or the need to sell the house for financial reasons. Even if the reasons for selling a house are positive, such as moving for a great new job, or upgrading your home, the idea of moving can be daunting. It is really important to shift the negativity to anything that one can feel positive about, because people will sense this energy the minute they walk in.

In order to sell a home, the seller must be ready and willing to detach from it and let it go. This is not about wanting to get rid of it, because if the house is a pain to its owner, a prospective buyer is not going to want that pain. Why would someone else want what you don't want? As a seller, you have to love it in order to let it go, because you want a buyer to love your house when they walk in.

The process of moving involves sorting through memories, and deciding what to take with you, and what to let go of. A seller should not only lighten up the house by packing away and giving away their personal items, but they also need to lighten up the energy in the home. The best way to do this is to open the windows and doors to let fresh air flow through the place. Then go room by room and shift the energy throughout the house.

Light a white candle and spend a few minutes in each room making peace with the memories there. Release any sadness and see it flowing out of the open window. If anything needs to be forgiven, take the opportunity to forgive and release it, letting go of old baggage so you don't need to take it with you, and let that energy go out the window.

Take a moment to remember all the joyous things that have
happened in that room, and let those memories fill your heart with love and surround you with light. Let that love and light fill the room, and bless that room that it may bring joy to its next occupant. Take the white candle with you and continue to do this process with every room in the house. If there are rooms that you feel uncomfortable in, ask yourself what you could do to make them more peaceful and attractive, and perhaps call in angels of loving light to cleanse and fill those spaces.

Go outside the house and send love to the entire property; send love to the plants and trees, and feel the property come alive with love and energy. Imagine the house and property surrounded with a dome of light that is filled with love and joy - let this light be irresistibly attractive to the new owner of the home, and let this light also surround the house with the divine light of love and protection for all who enter it.

Stand at the curb and feel how inviting the house is, then bless it and let it go with love, so that it may give joy to its new owner. Make an affirmation to sell your house, such as "this home is now attracting the perfect buyer who loves it immediately and experiences joy and fulfillment every day in this home".

Let yourself look forward to your next steps and the opportunity for a new beginning in your life. When you think of the offer, imagine yourself happy to receive it, grateful for the amount and for the ease and grace of the transaction. Allow yourself to receive all that you desire, trusting that it is a win-win situation for all concerned. See yourself feeling pleased and satisfied by the whole experience, and ready to embrace your next experience in your new home.

Selling homes as a realtor, you must work with your intuition to choose your listings and your clients, and don't let money be your motivation. Buying and selling a home is an emotional thing for most people, and the best realtors make it their business to care about people, not just about business.

Set an intention that your mission is to help people experience joy and positive transformation through their experience of buying and selling a home with you, and that you do your work with ease, with joy, with compassion and with love. Allow yourself to breathe in the gratitude for all the rewards you receive from your work - enormous financial, emotional and spiritual rewards for providing the service you offer.

If the house you are selling is your listing, make sure it is a place that you like and can find something to feel good about. Also make sure that you can see the value in the home, and the potential for it to be a great home for its next owner. If you don't feel that way, don't take it on because it will simply be a frustrating drain on your time and energy. The easiest way to sell anything is to sell what you love, because others will respond to your joy and enthusiasm. Otherwise, being a salesperson is simply a job and a chore, and buyers will feel that and be put off by it.

If your client is the seller, ask them what they love about the home. Try to encourage them to do the clearing exercise above to let go of the house and fill it with light. If they can't do that or you are not comfortable with asking them to do that, then take some time to walk through the house on your own, and fill each room with love, peace, joy and light until you feel that room being irresistibly attractive. Go outside and do the same visualizations with the property, surrounding the house itself in a dome of light that protects it and also makes it glow with light that attracts the right buyer quickly. Stand at the curb and feel the love you have for that house, how wonderful it will be as a new home for its next owner, and how proud you are to be its representative.

Selling anything is really about offering something in a way that is an attractive and appealing invitation. Make sure that your advertising not only highlights the positive features of the property, but also lists the benefits of those features (eg. southern exposure so you can enjoy warmth and brightness all day - "so you can..." are key words for highlighting how someone will benefit from a feature). Imagine the buyer being irresistibly drawn to your advertising and compelled to call right away to find their new home. Envision receiving the ideal offer quickly and the transaction taking place with joy and ease, and with satisfaction for all concerned. Visualize everyone happy as documents are signed and finances are put in place. See yourself feeling proud and grateful to receive your commission, knowing that you have done a great service of helping others to take the next step of transformation.

If you are looking for a home for your clients, listen to what they want and need, and ask them questions to probe for details about what kind of lifestyle they want to have in their new home - this will save everyone time. When you look at prospective listings, trust your initial feeling about them, first feeling whether that house will be a happy home for your clients, and also checking if it has good energy to begin with. Don't judge a place by how it looks in photographs, but trust how the listing makes you feel, especially if you feel immediate peace, joy or excitement, or if you feel immediate discomfort or repulsion.

Once you make an appointment for your clients to view a home, take a few minutes to visualize the home filled with light, peace, joy and healing. You may want to envision sending angels of love and light to clear the home of any negative energy. See the entire house and property surrounded by the light of love and protection, and see the place being irresistibly attractive and perfect for your clients. Visualize your clients being happy that you have found them the perfect place, and see the offer being accepted quickly and easily, to the joy and satisfaction of one and all.

Always stay true to yourself, trusting your intuition and your integrity, and do not do anything that you are uncomfortable with. Others will respect your integrity, even if they don't like it. Your intuition will always guide you to your highest truth, and protect you as such if you listen to it and follow it.

Allow yourself to bring light and healing to everyone and to every home you encounter. See yourself as an emissary of light, and an angel to guide people to experience peace and joy in their home. After all, home is where the heart is, so as a realtor, you must put your heart in all you do and others will respond to that. These are the best energetic hints to help sell a house, because energy affects everything.

Here are some affirmations to sell a house fast:

"This beautiful house is irresistibly attractive to its new owner, who is being drawn to buy it at the asking price right now."
"This house is ready to belong to its new owner, who purchases it immediately for the perfect price creating a win-win situation for all concerned."
"This property is magnetically attracting multiple buyers and offers above the asking price."
"This house is easy to sell because buyers love it right away."
"This house sells quickly and easily, and the final deal is better than I could possibly imagine."
"This is the perfect house for its ideal buyers, who fall in love with it right away and present an offer that makes everyone happy."
"I am grateful to sell this house so easily and that everyone is happy with the final outcome."

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