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Intuition & Psychic Development classes

We all have intuition available to us as our "sixth sense". Everyone is psychic, whether you call it intuition, an inner voice or gut feelings, you've probably experienced some form of psychic phenomena. The key is to learn to listen to your intuition (your inner knowing) and trust it in order to make the best possible choices for your own life. I will guide you through the techniques that trained me to develop and focus my own psychic abilities and intuition, and I will offer you the tools and insights that I have received along my own intuitive path. Some of the most successful people in the world have said that they regularly follow their own intuition; I will teach you to develop your psychic powers and intuition so you can be one of them.

"For Lightning-Fast Results"

IN-LIGHTING! INTUITION  -  one day class $150

Just as you tune a radio to a certain channel in order to receive the information you desire, you can attune your mind to receive clarity and direction. This class will teach you how to access your intuition to make the best choices and decisions for your own well-being on a daily basis, how to gain more trust and confidence in your own knowing, and how to focus this awareness to benefit yourself and others. In one exciting day, you will enjoy participating in fun and experiential exercises, and learn valuable meditation techniques that will become life-enhancing intuitive tools.

ENERGY AND HEALING - one day class $250
(pre-requisite In-Lightning Intuition)             

This course will allow you to connect with the infinite wisdom and healing power that dwells within you. By becoming one with your Source and the All-Knowing aspect of your Self, you can effectively change your reality and create what you will. Through a series of meditations, experiential exercises and awe-inspiring experiences, this exciting and fun-filled day will assist you to:

- connect with your Source, Guides, and Angels
- learn techniques of power and protection
- cut ties to negative energies
- channel and direct healing energy
- heal and read another at a distance
- explore sound and vibrational healing
- heal and cleanse the aura
- read and balance the chakras
- use psychometry to read energy in all things
- energize food and water to receive more vitality and life-force
- learn to benefit from pendulum dowsing**

IN-LIGHTNING! TAROT  -  one day class $150
(Tarot card decks will be provided for use in the class)

The Tarot is an ancient tool for communicating with your guidance. The language of the Universe is symbolic, so the Tarot is rich with symbolic images to allow the Universe to speak to you through the cards. As with any language, it is difficult to properly learn and understand the Tarot from a book. I will teach you to read the Tarot intuitively, quickly and easily in one day, so you can use this as a tool to communicate with your own highest knowing in order to benefit yourself and others for the rest of your life.


Lectures cover topics such as:

- The Healing Power of Forgiveness

- Creating the Life You Want

- Freeing Yourself From the Past

- Enjoying your Relationships

- Enhancing your Power and Self-Confidence

- Working with Your Future Self

plus many more topics.

Lecture recordings from some previous lectures are available, and more will be coming soon.

I occasionally offer other specialty classes and workshops on a variety of topics. Please feel free to suggest topics in the form below that would be of interest to you.

If you are interested in future events please fill out this form:

Full Name
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Are you able to take courses/travel to Victoria, BC? YES   NO
Which classes are you interested in:
(*additional $50 for each out-town class)
Intuition $150
Tarot $150
Advanced Intuition $250
Other Comments or suggestions for Classes / Workshops / Lectures:

“You’re like a breath of sun shine to me, and I feel so blessed to have you in my life. I want to again thank you for coming all the way to help us learn and grow. Grace you have a quietness about you, a special gift with language and give from the heart. Are you sure you’re not truly an Angel...?”
- LM – engraver

intuition development classes
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