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inspirational quote for humanity
Click here for today's Message at offers a new and original inspirational quote for each day. These inspirational quotes are unique in that they are inspired messages that are channelled by Grace to serve as a message for humanity.

Each day holds a message for the global community; each day has its own theme for the collective human experience. As we share these themes in common, we come closer to experiencing the greatness of Oneness with our selves, with each other and with our planet. Grace brings forth an inspirational quote for each day as a gift for you to experience joy and fulfillment every day of your life.

Grace attunes to the Source of the Collective Consciousness to receive the global theme and inspirational quote for each day. Today is a gift. Receive this present with joy and gratitude. This is the key to your future.

Receive today's inspirational quote & Message for Humanity

The inspirational quote of is a free service provided by Please feel free to share this inspirational quote with everyone you like.


"I use your Daily Guidance website as my Homepage - and for me it is like the BEST "Horoscope" I can read!  It is magical and uncanny - how each day - the message seems to tell me just what I need to know for my day!  Some nights when I get to bed late, I wait for the new message for the next day - to show up at Midnight, just so I get a sense for what my new day will hold! I look forward to reading "my" new message every day- it always feels like it was written especially for me! Thank You SO Much Daily Guidance!!" - C.A.K

"I read your daily guidance quotes each day and I find that each quote sets the tone for my day and acts like a compass, guiding me to pay particular attention to the learning of the day- It's very magical what happens! - Angie.

"I wanted to express how much I appreciate your daily guidance. They touch my soul and cause me to reflect before I begin my day. Thank you so much! - P.W.

"Congratulations on your awesome Daily Guidance website. I go there every day to see the new message of the day which always seems to apply to exactly where I'm at." - A.P.

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