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"Family Issues for Highly Sensitive People" Psychic Advice Column addresses inquiries related to: What does it mean when someone says you are too sensitive, What causes sensitivity to environment and smells, Can being a sensitive psychic cause panic attacks, How to tell if you are a sensitive, Coping skills for highly sensitive people, & more...


Question: "I have always felt as if I was a sensitive to the paranormal world. I grew up in a rural yet Christian household and sensitivity runs in my family, but because of the Christian values set, no one really followed through with their gifts. But I cannot seem to be able to ignore mine. I don't understand what is happening to me, I can see colors in the air. I can feel energy and I can see human images when there is no one there. I often get déjà vu, and sometimes I feel as if somebody came right through me. I'm clueless and a little scared. This has been going on since I was very young and now, I'm 14 and confused."

Psychic Advice:
Do not be afraid. This type of sensitivity is actually more normal than it is paranormal, it is just that in our society, these gifts are often rejected, denied or judged, so many people end up repressing their sensitivity. People fear what they do not know and what they do not understand = this too is normal and natural. The ability to see colors and energy is a psychic gift called clairvoyance, and the ability to feel energies and other people's emotions is a psychic gift called clairsentience or empathy. In ancient times, there were spiritual leaders and teachers who would help to guide and nurture these gifts, especially in young people, but subsequent religious beliefs since the time of the Inquisition have negated these God-given gifts.

Psychic abilities and sensitivity can cause family issues for highly sensitive people, especially if the family religion does not allow for this type of sensitivity. Christianity teaches that Jesus had prophetic visions and performed miracles with what might be considered paranormal abilities. In John 14:12, the Bible quotes Jesus as saying: "Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also: and greater works than these he will do..."

Everything in this world is energy, and everything emits energy. These energetic frequencies also have color associated with them, such as infrared or ultraviolet rays, but many people cannot see these colors with their naked eye. These energies, frequencies and colors are all around us all the time, just like radio waves or Wifi - while most people may need some kind of instrument like a radio, computer or cell phone to pick up these energy waves, the mind and body of highly sensitive people are natural receivers for all kinds of energy and information.

You have had this gift since you were born. In fact, most children can perceive at higher frequencies that adults cannot see, which is why babies often stare at what appears to be nothing. Animals can also hear at higher frequencies than humans, which is a fact that we readily accept even though we cannot hear what they hear. For most children, however, rather than having this higher perception nurtured and cultivated, our society encourages children to shut down this sensitivity in order to be more "normal". But the truth is that being sensitive to energy is actually more normal and innate than shutting it down.

Some family issues arise for highly sensitive people who cannot shut down their sensitivity. In my family, everyone is highly intuitive going back to both of my grandmothers, however, no one talked about it at all. I was always being told that I was "too sensitive", like it was some kind of awful disease. I couldn't help being sensitive, but it caused me so much suffering that I learned to shut it down, and spent most of my childhood feeling numb from the neck down, and sick a lot of the time. This is one of the coping skills for highly sensitive people, but it is not a good solution, and is certainly not what I would recommend to anyone.

I came to understand that my sensitivity and psychic abilities were gifts from God so that I could help other people and the planet. But, I had to learn how to manage these abilities. Many highly sensitive people are like sponges who attract and absorb energy from everyone and everything. Not only is this uncomfortable, it can also be dangerous for your health, wellbeing and equilibrium. Rather than absorbing energy, a highly sensitive person needs to learn to direct, project and command energy.

The first thing you need to do is shield and protect your own energy. When you first wake up in the morning, imagine that you are putting on a golden skin like a full bodysuit, and feel yourself shining with golden light. Then imagine that you have layers of colored light all around you, like a rainbow, starting with red surrounding your body, then a layer of orange light around that, then yellow light, then green light, then blue, indigo (a mix of blue and purple), then violet light, and then surrounding them all with a big bubble of beautiful white light that completely surrounds you and protects you. These layers of light are your boundaries of protection in the world that filter the energies around you. These boundaries of light will still allow you to feel, but will protect you from feeling everything all the time.

You must remember that you are in command of your gifts and that you can influence the energies around you. You can direct this energy to do a great deal of good in this world. Every living thing has an energetic aura around it - this includes plants, animals, and even places and things. Kirlian photography shows this energy as colors around people. Some people like you have the sensitivity to see this energy; some people see it in color, while others just see or feel energy or white light.

When you see colors in the air, you are perceiving life-force energy. One way that you can work with this energy is to use your mind and intention to send that life-force energy and colors to plants, animals, places and people who are sick or suffering. If you see colors around a person's aura that are dull, muted, cloudy or dark, then that indicates that the person is sick, troubled or suffering on some level. You can learn to send them vibrant color to give them vitality, life-force and wellbeing - you can help a person to heal at any level when you heal someone's aura and heal their energy.

When you see images of a human but no one is there, you are perceiving spirits that exist on higher frequencies and higher dimensions. These can be the spirits of those who have passed over, but they can also be spirit guides or angelic beings. When you encounter these spirit energies, you must determine how you feel in order to decide how to deal with the situation: if you feel warm, peaceful, joyful or comfortable, then this energy is an ally and you can welcome its presence and supportive energy. However, if you feel fear, discomfort, or agitated in any way, then you need to immediately imagine that you are surrounded by a thick bubble of white light; you can then speak to that spirit, saying "By the power of all that is Love and Light, I command you to go to your rightful place right now - be gone from me. And so be it."

The key to managing and working with your sensitivity and empathic abilities is to get very clear about how you feel all the time, and notice the changes in how you feel depending on who you encounter and where you go. When you first wake up in the morning, get a sense of how you feel in your body, in your emotions, and in your mind. Then imagine yourself with your protective golden skin, your rainbow layers, and the bubble of white light surrounding you. As you go through the day, pay attention to how you feel when you speak to different people, or when you go to different places. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, imagine that the layers of color and white light around you are thick, strong, bright and wide. If a person or place feels uncomfortable, you should stay away, or you could try sending white light or colored light to heal that person or place. The layers of light around you will stop you from feeling that someone has come through you.

Everyone has guides and angels working to guide them on their journey through life. Déjà vu is one way that the guides communicate to tell you that you are on the right track, in the right place at the right time. It is as if you have been shown a slideshow as a preview of this lifetime. The more you have déjà vu, the "warmer" you are on your path and the more you are exactly where you should be. Déjà vu are like signs on the road of life.

Although being sensitive can sometimes feel like a curse, especially if it creates family issues for highly sensitive people, it is actually a gift. You can harness this gift and use it to heal people, plants, animals, places, and even to help and heal this planet itself. But it is most important that you protect and take care of yourself first. Do not be afraid, you are perfectly normal with gifts that God gave you. Embrace and receive these gifts so you can share them and use them for the highest and best good of all.

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