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"ASKING SPIRIT GUIDES: LAW OF ATTRACTION" Psychic Advice Column addresses inquiries related to: Requesting guardian angels for a friend, Casual or spiritual spirit guides, How do we talk to our guides, Drugs and evil spirits, Hearing spirit guides voices, Guardian angels& more...


Question: "Would you please enlighten me as to how spirits play a role in our lives. Demonic spirits, angelic spirits, etc... do spirits invade our being and cause us to act and behave with their agenda? I would appreciate your thoughts... Thank you Grace."

Psychic Advice:
The Law of Free Will rules the earth plane, so nothing can be done to you unless your will is open to it. This is not to say that things cannot be done that are against your will, but this can only happen if you are somehow willing by nature of your belief system, or if your will is somehow vulnerable or compromised in some way. You are a sovereign being, and when you recognize your Power of Choice, then you can use your will to create what you choose.

The Law of Attraction also governs the earth: like energy attracts like energy, meaning that you attract to you all that is on your same energetic frequency and wavelength. This attraction occurs first at the spiritual level, where your spiritual vibration creates a resonance that attracts spiritual beings and energies that resonate at a similar frequency. If your vibration is high, then you emanate a lot of light around you, which attracts beings of light. If your vibration is low, you attract lower energy beings. Essentially, positive energy attracts positive energy, and negative energy attracts negative energy.

However, at this pivotal time on Earth, there is a battle ensuing between the forces of light and the forces of darkness for dominion over humanity and the Earth. Because of the Law of Free Will, neither side can simply "take over" - they must win this battle by influencing as many humans as possible before the time of the reckoning, or the "weighing of hearts" that will soon be upon us. It is as if there is a global game in which every thought, choice, and action of every person on Earth scores points for one side or the other - the key is to always be mindful that you don't score points against your chosen team.

The influence of negativity is pervasive throughout the Earth with the proliferation of drugs and violence, and growing addictions to vice and hostility. Even our forms of entertainment are rife with violence and negativity, and even our images of sacred love and sexuality have been debased. Profanity has also become widely acceptable in our common everyday language. All of these things lower the vibration of the individual and of the collective, and increase the frequency of negativity on Earth.

Everyone is born with spirit guides and angels who support them to fulfill their life purpose and their Free Will choices. Every thought you think is asking spirit guides to fulfill that thought based on the Law of Attraction. Your thoughts not only attract things, people and experiences to you, but they also attract spirits and spirit guides to you as well. Your spirit guides can change in your life as you change - they grow and evolve as you grow and evolve, much like changing teachers as you graduate and progress through school.

Your thoughts, actions, words, and emotions create energetic vibrations that draw spirit guides to teach you, support you, guide you and help you on your desired path. The more you choose a positive path of joy and of light, the more you will attract positive guides who will help you to experience more joy and light. Conversely, the more you choose a negative path of darkness and desolation, the more you will attract negative guides who will encourage you to make negative choices that lead to deeper darkness and desolation, because like energy attracts like energy.

Most major religions have recognized that there are benevolent and malevolent forces in the Universe, and support people to be "good" in order to have good experiences in life and in the afterlife. What we might call "bad" experiences are not necessarily negative - for instance, a natural disaster may be devastating to many people, but it is not the result of negative forces, it is simply a factor of life on Earth and is not inherently good or bad. In fact, such catastrophic events can give people the opportunity to do a great amount of good, and certainly causes the souls of all who experience them and all who witness them to grow and evolve.

Negative Free Will choices are what attract negative guides who promote truly negative experiences. Forces of darkness are attracted to the Light for two reasons: the first reason is to seek illumination, much as an insect is drawn to light; the second reason is to attempt to extinguish the light. Eventually, all will become Light and return to Source, which is the Source of all Light and All That Is. Light has more power to penetrate darkness (one light can be seen at a great distance) because darkness cannot ultimately engulf light. However, darkness seeks to grow by perpetuating itself.

Cycles of addiction and abuse perpetuate darkness by spreading it like an epidemic from one damaged person to another. Spirits cannot invade a being unless there is an open doorway or a crack in their will and sovereignty. When a person is addicted, particularly to alcohol or drugs, and/or to violence and abuse (either as victim, perpetrator or witness), it can compromise their power of Free Will and can make them vulnerable to further negativity. Depression, self-destructiveness, and addiction to negative thoughts and negative emotions can also cause this kind of vulnerability to increasing and deepening negativity.

Once this negativity takes hold and possesses a person's Free Will, negative guides use feelings of guilt, shame and compulsion to drive negativity further and deeper. Some people can actually hear voices urging them to do negative things. Addictions, violence and abuse are all demon-driven acts to perpetuate and spread negativity, and our modern society has lost, denied or turned away from many of the shamanic practices to exorcise and overcome them.

The good news is that you always have the Power of Free Will to choose your own agenda, and the Law of Free Will dictates that spirits must abide by your agenda, not by their own agenda. No matter what kind of negativity and darkness a person may have experienced, the Light is always available to them. The more a person makes positive choices, and maintains positive thoughts, positive emotions and positive energies, the more that person will attract positive spirits and positive guides to support them.

However, it is important to note that once forces of darkness have taken hold, particularly through addictions, they do not give up easily. The best way to fight negativity and addiction is not to fight it - what you resist persists because you feed it with your energy and attention. You cannot fight for peace, because a battle is rife with negative energy, and negativity only feeds negativity. The only way to fight negative energy is to love it to death, embrace and accept it, then choose thoughts of love and light.

You can call upon Guardian Angels to protect you and your sovereignty. You can call upon angels and archangels to protect your sovereign space, and to shield your home and your property. You can visualize gigantic angels standing guard over you and your home, while you also visualize yourself and your home surrounded by a magnificent bubble of white light - the light of love and protection. Requesting guardian angels for a friend or loved one is also a good idea - this does not interfere with their sovereign Free Will, but helps to support and protect them in the Light of Love. You can send guardian angels to people on the street, to children, to the homeless or to those in war-torn places.

The more you choose the Light and command the Light, the more light will spread and vanquish darkness, providing enlightenment for One and All. The Light carries wisdom and compassion, while the darkness thrives on ignorance and fear - do not judge the darkness, but seek to enlighten it by enlightening yourself.

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"Responsibility is power. You have the power of choice.
You are always responsible for the choices you make and the actions you take."
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