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"100 Ways to Attract Anyone and Anything " Psychic Advice Column addresses inquiries related to: Spiritual Steps to Attraction and Manifestation, Spiritual power of attraction, spiritual attractions in relationships, etc



The spiritual level is the highest level of attraction, and it is also the first level of manifestation. Everything that we create begins as an inspiration - which essentially means "letting spirit in". Spirit means breath, and breath gives life, so to be inspired is to breathe life and spirit into an idea, to give it form and substance, and begin the process of manifestation.

On the highest planes, there exists the stream of consciousness, which contains all that has ever been and all that ever will be or could be - all possibilities exist within the stream of consciousness, or the "field of pure potentiality" as some refer to it in quantum physics. Some people get to go fishing in this stream first, and become inspired by ideas that are avant-garde or cutting edge - this is how many designers can receive similar inspirations without actually copying each other. Fishing for ideas can be "catch and release": if someone does not act on an idea or inspiration, they throw that idea back into the stream of consciousness until someone else catches it and acts on it. This is why you can see products produced now that you thought of years ago - you caught the idea first, but threw it back into the stream by virtue of not acting on it.

Action is a key element of attraction, because you are constantly attracting everything that you focus thought or energy on, but how you choose to act and what you choose to act upon determines what you ultimately attract and create. The act of manifestation involves attracting pure energy (which is the stuff from which everything is made) and manifesting it in Earthly form. You are drawing from infinite creation at the highest dimensions of existence, enacting your power of choice and free will as a divine co-creator, and using this power to create in third dimensional reality on Earth.

Be aware that many of your unfulfilled creations remain suspended in virtual reality, in fourth and fifth dimensional planes awaiting manifestation in the third dimension. When you give up on an idea before it is fully manifest or before it has come to fruition, it remains in suspended animation, sometimes rotting on the vine. Remember that ALL thoughts trigger the process of attraction and begin manifestation; you are ultimately responsible for what your thoughts, actions and choices create in your reality and in your Universe.


76) Attune yourself to the frequency of what you desire - Everything has a particular energetic frequency. If you desire love, then attune yourself to the frequency of love by feeling love and exuding love. Many people who want love in their life focus their thoughts on loneliness, which attunes them to the frequency of loneliness so they remain lonely. If you desire wealth, attune yourself to the frequency of wealth, hold the energy of wealth in your body and carry yourself like a wealthy person. Many people who want wealth focus on feelings of lack and poverty, which holds them at the frequency of poverty consciousness, repelling wealth. You do not have to be wealthy in order to feel wealthy, but feeling wealthy will attract wealth. You do not have to be in love to feel love right now, and exuding the energy of love attracts love. Wellness has its own frequency, as does disease - if you want to be well, focus on your wellness not on your pain or illness. Feeling well and joyful raises your frequency above the vibration of disease.

77) "I am that" - You are one with all that is: you are made up of the same stuff as everything else on Earth, and you are created from the same energy as everything in the Universe. You are part of everything, and everything is connected to you. Therefore, you can choose to be and have anything you choose by being at one with it and embracing it as part of you.

78) Don't take things personally - The Universe does not do things to you, it does things for you. The Universe brings you everything that is resonating on your wavelength, it answers every question you ask, and fulfills every request you make, including those made unconsciously. If you want to know what you have been consciously and unconsciously asking for, look at what is around you. If you want to know what frequency you are resonating at, look at the people surrounding you, because like attracts like energy. Ask and you shall receive, so ask for what you really want.

79) The Universe takes everything literally - Every word you speak is a command and an order that begins the process of manifestation. Although there is humor in everything, the Universe does not understand sarcasm or humor, and accepts whatever you say as a literal request. Words are thoughts made manifest - whatever you say or write, you begin to create. If you want to know what you are thinking, listen to the words you speak. (If you don't want your life to be f----d or full of s--t, then stop cursing yourself with curse words!)

80) Command the forces that be - The Universe serves you and obeys your commands. You are never alone, you have a team of guides and angels working with you. You are the quarterback calling the plays in the game of life, so assign tasks to your etheric team - you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

81) Ask for help - The Law of Free Will governs the Earth, therefore, your guides and angels cannot intervene or interfere with your choices. They can only help you if you ask for help and are willing to receive help.

82) Send Angels ahead - Angels do exist. The angelic realm is one of service, and angels grow and evolve the more they serve others. Angels will flock to those who ask for help, so call upon them often. Send angels ahead to clear the path for you for travel or business meetings. Send angels to your loved ones and to your adversaries. Send angels to bless the homeless, and to everyone you encounter on your path. Send angels to people and places that cause you concern. Call upon the angels to protect you and bring blessings wherever you go. Ask your angels to help you draw and attract everything that you truly desire.

 83) Trust your intuition above all - Know that you always have a support team with you that wants to help you. Allow your guides to guide you, and listen to your intuition (your true inner voice is never critical or judgmental). Don't second guess yourself or doubt yourself, and never doubt your ability to manifest what you desire, no matter what happens. If you feel a prompting to go somewhere or do something, follow it without question - especially if the feeling is about not going somewhere or not doing something. Your intuition's primary job is to keep you safe, then if you allow it, to guide you to your greatest joy. Listen within yourself and trust how you feel - don't dismiss your intuition, or trust others above yourself, because only you know what is true for you.

84) Your Guides want you to be happy -Your guides thrive on your joy and success; they are successful when you are successful, and they feel joy when you feel joy. Be grateful to your guides for everything they do for you, and for every step that brings you closer to fulfilling your desire.

85) Ask for signs to guide you - Ask for 3 clear signs that are gentle and easy for you to understand, then look and listen for these signs in everything that you see and hear. Pay attention to synchronicity and divine coincidence. Trust and follow these signs without dismissing them. The Universe desires to communicate with you, and will use any means available to get your attention, including billboards, bumper stickers, songs on the radio, etc. - be aware that these messages can come in humorous ways. Déjà vu often indicates that you are in the right place at the right time.

86) Follow your dreams - Your daydreams are an indication of your heart and soul's desire. Let your dreams become your goals, and let your goals become your reality. Don't let anyone crush or steal your dreams. Your nighttime dreams are a tool for guidance, healing, inspiration and resolution. Keep a dream journal, and program yourself before sleep by saying 3 times: "I remember my dreams".

87) Call forth the highest and best good - Sometimes you may not manifest what you think you want. This is not because you don't deserve it or because you've done something wrong. Sometimes it is simply not for your highest and best good, or for the highest good of others. A teenager may want a fast sports car, but it may not serve the highest and best good, and may even pose danger. Ask to receive all that is for the highest and best good of all.

88) Align your Will with your Higher Self - Before you incarnated, you set an agenda and a purpose for this life. You have sacred contracts and karmic agreements to fulfill, and these requirements can override your Free Will desires. When the desires of your body, mind and heart align with your will and spirit, you can attract, accomplish and achieve anything.

89) Seek true fulfillment - Set goals that fulfill your body, mind, heart and spirit - create a life that fulfills every facet of your whole self. It can be devastating to reach goals only to find that they leave you feeling empty and unfulfilled - this is why many wealthy people are miserable, because money and success alone do not buy happiness, and even love in itself may not fulfill you. Things and stuff may fill your space, but they may not fulfill your heart.

90)  Co-create with God - You have the God-given power to create your reality because you are a divine being and an embodiment of God. Invite God to experience life, love, joy and success through you. Invite God to see through your eyes, to feel through your body and your heart, and to live life through you. Thank God often for all that you experience - the good and the bad. When you see something beautiful or feel exquisite joy, in that moment, invite God into you to experience that feeling, and you will feel true bliss and ecstasy. God's will for you is what you will for yourself - Thy Will be done.

91) Have faith, not fear - Make choices based on moving toward what you want, not away from you don't want. Faith-based decisions are empowering, while fear-based decisions are disempowering. Trust yourself to know your truth, and trust the Universe to guide you to it.

92) Embrace your inner masculine and feminine - Allow your inner masculine and feminine to work together for your highest good. Your feminine energy is creative and intuitive, inspires and guides, loves and nurtures, and is also the force of attraction and receiving. Your masculine energy creates and designs, reasons and resolves, builds and protects, and is the force of action and manifestation. When they join together in harmony and balance, you will attract healthy and balanced relationships with others, and you will be at peace within yourself.

93) Look for the best in everything and everyone - What you focus on is what you will experience. Seek and ye shall find: when you look for the best, then that is what you will find. If something is difficult, painful or challenging, ask yourself, "What is good about this?"

94) Talk to the Higher Self of people - You can connect with others, attract others and influence others by speaking to their Higher Self (but you must do this in integrity and not as a form of manipulation). Do this at a time when they would be sleeping so you can discuss with their Higher Consciousness what you would like to happen. Visualize your desired outcome, and see everyone happy and fulfilled by that outcome that is for the highest good of all.

95) Be willing to see the bigger picture - Ask yourself, when you have what you want, then what? How does it affect you and others in your life? What does it mean for you, and what is the next step beyond that? Does it fit with the master plan you have for your life? Does it fulfill you on all levels?

96) Ask your future self - Visualize yourself in the future living your desired life, and ask your future self what steps you need to take now that will get you there.

97) Let the Universe deliver - Ask for what you want in a way that does not limit your possibilities. When you place an order in a restaurant, you are specific enough to get what you want without trying to control every detail, then you trust the staff to prepare and deliver your meal to your liking - and, if you don't like it, you can send it back or order something else. The same is true for manifestation and attraction. Once you have placed your order with the Universe and taken the appropriate action, you must sit back and trust that it is coming - you wouldn't keep going to the kitchen to check on your meal, and you wouldn't doubt that it will come. Simply be patient and allow the Universe to give you what you desire, and to make it superb.

98) You are loved and supported by the entire Universe - Do not force or push the river; when you push against the Universe, you are pushing against the entire Universe and you cannot win. If something is not flowing, find another way, and let the entire Universe work with you. Go with the flow, don't dam it with stubbornness. Be willing, not willful.

99) The Light of Love and Protection - Visualize yourself surrounded by a bubble of golden while light that is powerfully protective and attractive. This is the Light of Love that is the most powerful force in all of the Universe. This light is a shield and forcefield of protection that establishes your personal space and boundaries in the world. It is more effective than putting up walls or wearing armor, which don't allow you to receive or experience love or joy. Surrounding yourself in the Light of Love raises your vibration to the highest frequency, and allows you to receive and attract all that is love, light, joy and prosperity, while protecting you from all else. The Light of Love will allow you to be irresistibly attractive to all that you desire, while keeping you safe from all that is undesirable.

100) Be a beacon for others - Allow yourself to be the living example of infinite joy, love, prosperity and abundance. Show others that anything is possible and that they can also manifest, attract and create anything that they desire. Share the wisdom, the power, and the keys to manifestation and creation, because this is an infinite and abundant Universe in which everyone can and does create and attract anything that they focus on. Make this world a better place by making your life better, and by helping others to make their lives better. The more joy there is in the world, the more there will be peace in the world, because pain and suffering are not necessary. Joy is your birthright, and is the very essence of experiencing Heaven on Earth. Joy raises the vibration for one and all - each person who experiences joy raises the frequency of humanity, of the Earth, and of the entire Universe. Joy holds the highest vibration that connects you with the heart and source of all creation. The nature of true love, joy and abundance is that there is always more to give and share. Live joyfully and receive abundantly so you can give and share freely. And remember, joy is infinitely attractive.

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