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Are angels more than spirit guides?

Angels serve in different ways than spirit guides, but angels are also part of your guidance system. Your guides are your coaches in the game of life, and your angels are your teammates who work with you and support you, but you are the quarterback - you make the final decisions in your life because you have Free Will. Angels are there to serve and help you, while spirit guides are there to guide and teach you. Both angels and spirit guides are there to help you to evolve in this lifetime, and to assist you to carry out your intentions, your mission and your purpose.

Spirit guides are your teachers, and they can change as you grow and evolve in order to meet your needs. Just as you have different teachers in school depending on what grade of learning you are in, and as you graduate to a new level, you get new teachers who can teach and guide you at that level, such is also the case for spirit guides and teachers. Your spirit guides may not all change at once, but when there is a changing of the guard, so to speak, you can be left feeling suddenly alone (although you are never truly alone), and you can also feel somewhat out of sorts for a time as you and your new guides get used to working with each other. Just as some teachers in school can be very nurturing and supportive, while others can be somewhat demanding and impatient, such is also the case with spirit guides. Different spirit guides will have different areas of specialty or expertise, just as different teachers do, and will come to teach and guide you based on what you intend to learn and experience at a particular time in your life. It is all part of the great perpetual cycle of learning in the Earth School that forms part of the University of the Universe!

Angels will also come and go throughout your lifetime, except for your Guardian Angel, who is there to protect you throughout your life. When people see an apparition of an angel in very stressful or life-threatening times, it is often their Guardian Angel that they are seeing. Many people throughout history have reported seeing angels, especially in times of great challenge where their faith has been tested. Angels are universal helpers - it is their purpose to be of service, and they grow and evolve through serving others. Because of the law of Free Will that governs this Earth plane, they cannot interfere unless they are asked to do so. Therefore, you must ask your angels for help and assistance in achieving all that you desire. Angels can only evolve through service, so they will flock to those who call upon them for help, therefore, the more you call upon angels, the more angels you will have to help you.

You can also call upon angels to go to those you love and care about to help them as well, especially when they need healing on any level. You can send angels to help those who are suffering in the world, such as the homeless, those in war-torn countries, or even those who are victims or perpetrators of crimes. It does no good for you to contribute your pain, anger, fear, sadness, pity or disgust to this world when you see someone who is suffering (negativity only feeds negativity), but it can do a world of good for you to take the time to send angels to alleviate that suffering. Whenever I hear sirens, I always pause for a moment to ask Angels of Love and Light to go to all those concerned (the victims, their families and the police, firemen, paramedics, doctors, etc.) to bring them peace and healing.

Your guides and angels grow and evolve through service, and they also graduate to higher and higher levels of service through their evolution. Spirit guides can incarnate into the physical - some choose to incarnate and some choose not to. Some of your spirit guides can be members of your family, your friends or soul group who have passed into spirit; and some of your spirit guides may choose to incarnate as your children, your neighbors, your friends, etc. Your guides, teachers and angels are all around you, all the time, both in spirit and in the flesh - they are there to teach and guide you in all ways. Angels can also choose to incarnate and will be great givers who always want to be of service, offering help and assistance to others. You have probably encountered many "angels incarnate" along your life journey - you may even be one yourself!

There is a hierarchical system in the plane of spirit, which is defined by levels of power and evolution. There are angels and guardian angels, who flock to serve one person or group at a time, and then there are also archangels, who can serve many simultaneously. Archangels are great angels with a vast amount of power that will often be focused on a particular purpose: Archangel Michael serves to offer a sense of justice and protection, while Archangel Gabriel supports people to complete their purpose, and even to transition from this life. There are spirit guides, who guide and teach us at a particular level, and then there are Masters, who have developed an expertise and mastery of a certain area (much like a University Professor): there are Masters of time, of healing, of regeneration, of nature, of science and mathematics, of philosophy, etc. You can call on such masters to teach you and guide you, but be prepared, because they are very serious and very demanding, and will expect you to be a committed pupil, so do not call upon them lightly.

You can call upon all kinds of teachers and helpers from the spirit realm. You can call to master healers, masters of time, or master guides in any area of specialty to help you to have greater and deeper understanding and experience of those areas, and you can also call upon those great spirits who once lived on Earth - such as Jesus, Mary, Einstein, Aristotle, da Vinci, etc., to help you to grow and evolve in your intentions in certain areas. You can call upon angels to help you heal, or you can send angels to others. You can call upon angels to help you focus and concentrate, especially during some kind of test or trial. The more you call upon your guides and angels, the more they will help and serve you, because they evolve through service. Your guides and angels graduate as you successfully grow and evolve to new levels, so it serves them to help you. Remember, you must ask for help, because Free Will is the prime directive and cannot be overcome. You do not have to believe in angels or guides - they exist whether you believe in them or not, however, the more you are open to them, the more they can help you.

The more you connect with your guides and angels, the more they can connect with you. All you need to do is give them permission to assist you, with all of your will and intent. Tell them that you trust them completely, and that you are willing to co-operate with them. Tell them that you choose to experience joy and bliss in your life, and that you ask for their support and assistance to create and attract those experiences to you that would support you to feel joy and bliss. Your guides feed on your emotions, and joy holds the highest vibration, so it is ambrosia - "The food of the Gods". Your guides will be more than happy to support you to feel joy and happiness, because it feeds them joy and happiness.

Your guides and angels help you to fulfill your intentions. You can make magic happen in your life by setting a clear intention to fully enjoy your life, to spread love and joy to others, and to release the need for pain and suffering. Your guides and angels will assist you to live your greatest joy, and to inspire others with that joy, which is the essence of true prosperity and abundance. If each person on Earth experienced joy, there would be profound love and peace for all. Joy is the antidote to the fear, pain and suffering on Earth that promotes more fear, pain and suffering, and continues to perpetuate it. Like attracts like, so the more you feel joy, the more joy spreads on Earth. Let your guides and angels help you to experience joy, for that is your ultimate mission and purpose on Earth, and it is also theirs.

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