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Business Advice & Consulting

A professional or business consultation offers business advice from a higher perspective. I have offered professional and business advice to many entrepreneurs, executives, business owners, and professionals in all areas, so they can enjoy greater success and satisfaction in their industry or field of expertise. My psychic abilities allow me to offer professional and business advice that provides key insights on how to maximize opportunities for growth and success, while minimizing obstacles and challenges. In essence, I offer business advice that provides a roadmap to success, that points out potential pitfalls and detours, while also highlighting available shortcuts to the desired destination and outcome.

Business owners or professionals can benefit from receiving business advice which outlines their goals and targets their ambitions, determines what strengths and weaknesses all parties bring to the table, and discusses how to best draw on the gifts, talents and abilities of all those concerned in order to achieve the greatest success. Conflicts with any and all parties can be understood and resolved quickly in order to facilitate a harmonious and productive environment. We can identify areas that need special attention, and provide insights on how to manage potential challenges. New business and marketing opportunities can be discovered and explored, and key strategies can be developed and crafted with a clear plan for reaching desired outcomes.

the cost is $500 for a one-hour
business consultation by telephone.
up to three people can participate in the consultation (a Recording is included)

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Many professionals, business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs have implemented my professional and business advice to achieve greater joy, prosperity, success and fulfillment in all areas. It would be my pleasure to offer professional and business advice to you and your team so you can achieve the results you desire.

business advice
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