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"100 Ways to Attract Anyone and Anything " Psychic Advice Column addresses inquiries related to: Mental Steps to Attraction and Manifestation, Steps to change mental models, etc..



Attitude is everything, because your mental attitude toward life determines how you experience life. Some people see the rain as a blessing that is necessary to nourish the Earth, while others allow the rain to ruin their day - the rain just is, but attitude makes all the difference as to how you experience it and how you allow it to affect you. Your mind holds the key to your past, present and future; your mind writes the story of your life, and you can choose to rewrite and change that story at any time. Whether you live happily ever after is up to you.

Your thoughts and perceptions determine what you believe about yourself and about life, and therefore determine what you allow yourself to attract and experience. Your life can be as great or as awful as you imagine it to be. If you want to change your life, first you must change your mind.


51) Choose to change - In order for your life to change, you must be willing to embrace change, and be willing to change yourself and your life. Do not fear change. Change is the only constant in life, and resisting change causes pain, so choose to consciously direct change in your life by choosing the change that you desire. Be spontaneous, but not impetuous; be flexible, not rigid.

52) Be bold - Be willing to try new things and have new experiences - step out of your limiting box and don't let fear stop you. Fear can trigger sabotage, so be willing to take the risk to do whatever it takes to manifest what you truly desire. If you don't go for it, you may never get it.

53) Expand your horizons - Growth is about expansion; control is contracting as it attempts to keep everything small and seemingly "manageable". Expand and be open to what you are willing to receive and experience - expand your thoughts, expand your ideas, expand your efforts, expand your ideals, and expand and express your energy and your light for all of the world to see.

54) Relinquish control - Control is an illusion - we really don't have control over anything. Seeking to control life is like driving around with the emergency break on - it is a real drag that simply slows you down and stops the flow. You have the power of choice, and you can choose to work with the Universe to create and attract what you desire, rather than trying to control and limit the Universe, which only exhausts you and limits your ability to create and manifest.

55) Free Will - Nothing can be forced upon you - you must ask for what you desire, and you must ask for help. All you need to do is be willing to receive; as long as you are willing, the Universe can deliver for you, but you must be open to receive, and you must choose what you desire.

56) The law of allowing - Get out of your own way, and don't be an obstacle on your own path. Let go of stubbornness, righteousness, or the need to be right. Allow the Universe to give to you, to help you, to support you, and allow yourself to receive that help and support. You cannot force or push the Universe, but you can allow creation to come to you, to work with you and for you, and you can allow the outcome to be greater than you can possibly imagine for yourself.

57) Magnetic personality - Think of yourself as a magnet that is drawing everything to you. You are a powerfully magnetic being, so allow yourself to be irresistibly attractive to all that you desire.

58) Be patient, persistent and determined - Never give up on your dreams and desires, and never give in to disappointment or defeat. Keep taking the next step toward your goal, and if what you are doing is not working, find another way. Where there is a will, there is a way, so commit your will to manifesting what you truly desire, and allow yourself to patiently co-operate and co-create with the Universe. Have unwavering faith and commitment, and don't let the shadow of doubt cloud your mind or obscure your vision.

59) Don't try to please anyone but yourself - Let go of needing to please others, and living as a servant. Live your true colors, don't be a chameleon that changes for everyone else. Give because it feels good, and stop when it doesn't. Do what pleases you, and your joy will give pleasure to others.

60) Say no - Be clear about what you don't want in your life, and be willing to say no to that so you can create space for what you truly desire. "No" is one of the most powerful words, because it sets clear boundaries and parameters for what is true for you and what isn't.

61) Create new programs and patterns - Program your mind for success and happiness, and choose your thoughts wisely and consciously. Do not allow unproductive and unsupportive thoughts and repeating patterns to continue to run your life. Create new programs by imagining a "delete" button to delete an undesirable thought, then say to yourself, "That thought/belief no longer serves me - what I now choose to believe is __________". You don't break old habits, you must create new ones; choose new patterns consciously and repeatedly until they take hold.

62) Allow "this or better" - The unlimited Universe can bring you more than you could ever imagine, so do not limit the Universe with your thoughts and choices. Place your order for what you desire as a parameter for creation, then affirm that you choose "this or better" and allow the Universe to deliver joy and prosperity that is greater than you could dare to imagine. Allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised - let go of control, which is a limitation.

63) Ask yourself questions to make sure - When you get what you want, what does that mean for your life? What will change, and what will you need to change? Is that really what you want?

64) Examine your beliefs - Why do you believe what you believe, especially about yourself and about life? Are they really your beliefs or someone else's? Are those beliefs serving you or working against you? Are your beliefs getting you what you want? What do you choose to believe now?

65) Rewrite your past, present and future - When you change your perspective, you change your reality. If you choose to see the past differently, it changes the present and the future. If you accept the perfection of all that has been, then you embrace and attract perfection now and for the future.

66) Removing labels - Labels become statements of identity, but they are often projections from other people judging themselves in the reflection that they see in you. You don't have to allow labels to stick to you - peel them off and realize that they were never yours to begin with. Remove the labels that no longer fit you, and claim new ones - paste new labels to your mirror as affirmative affirmations of who you are now and who you are choosing to be.

67) Always be honest - You cannot lie to yourself, and you cannot continue to live a lie in an attempt to please others. Be true to yourself, speak your truth and express your truth, but speak carefully because what is said cannot be unsaid. Come from the heart of love for yourself and others - let love and joy be your truth, and let your truth bring love and joy. Integrity makes you whole.

68) Know yourself - In order to manifest what you want, you must know what you want. Do not choose by default based on eliminating what you don't want - you wouldn't place an order in a restaurant by stating all that you don't want. Get clear about who you are and what you want for your life.

69) Believe - You must believe that what you desire is possible, and that it is possible for you. The Universe is filled with infinite potential and limitless possibilities, but your beliefs narrow down what is possible for you and thereby limit your reality. You will receive what you believe.

70) Make it sensational - Hold a clear vision of what you desire and imagine your desired reality with all of your senses - imagine it so strongly that you can feel it, smell it, taste it, hear it, see it. The body does not know the difference between imagination and reality, which is why you salivate when you imagine eating a lemon. Really make it real in your mind and you will make it a reality in your life. Feel the joy, passion and excitement of living that reality now in every cell of your body.

71) Try it on - Visualize yourself living your desired reality 1 year from now; 2 years from now; in 5 years; in 10 years - are you happy? Is it what you really want? Are there any adjustments you need to make in what you are manifesting in order for you to be truly fulfilled?

72) Awaken to your new life - Each day when you wake up, feel grateful for what you are attracting and manifesting. Imagine yourself stepping into the new you like a bodysuit (but not a disguise) - see and feel yourself as that person, alive and reborn, and feel the joy and excitement and peace of being the new you.

73) Greatness - Be willing to be great, and to live a great life. It takes more courage and commitment to live a great life than to live an average or ordinary life, but a life that is great is worth the effort. Do great things, be a great person, and you will have great experiences.  Think that life is great, believe that you are great, and that is what you will experience.

74) Say yes to life - Whenever you see or experience what you desire, say "Yes, Universe, thank you, I choose more of that for myself". When you see others who have what you want, be glad for them and tell the Universe that you want that also - do not feel envy or resentment, because those energies are repulsive and will push it away from you. Feel joy, excitement and passion, because if you can perceive it, then you can attract and create it - keep drawing it closer to you, and feel worthy.

75) Your ideal self is becoming - Live your new self on the inside until the outside reflects it back to you. Live your life as if you have what you desire; every day make sure you think the thoughts, feel the feelings, and speak the words of the person who has the life you want. Think like the new you, not the old you. Be the person you want and choose to be now, and embrace your new identity with all of yourself.

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