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"Argument for and against law of attraction" Psychic Advice Column addresses inquiries related to: Asking spirit guides law of attraction, Marriage problems in laws, Examples family problems, Marital problems in-laws, The Law of Attraction & more...


Question: "I understand the Law of Attraction and have been following it with great success to improve my marriage and life. My mom is having bad relationship with Sis-in-law, and they have been fighting. I have tried to explain how Law OF Attraction works, but they don't even want to hear. How can they have a good relation, if they are NOT wanting to learn Law of Attraction. Plus I am physically away from them. Should visualizing that they are having a happy relationship work. Their fight is causing a lot of stress to me."

Psychic Advice:
These days, many people are engaged in an argument for and against Law of Attraction. On the one hand, some people say that the Law of Attraction does not work, and they say this because they claim they are not getting what they want. However, the Law of Attraction always works, because we are always attracting our experiences to us all of the time. The question is, what are we attracting and why are we attracting it?

The Law of Attraction is not simply about positive thinking. Some people believe that creating a vision board and repeating affirmations a few times should miraculously attract to them everything that they desire. While it is possible to attract and manifest instantly, it takes a great deal of power and commitment to do so. For example, you cannot paste a few pictures of mansions, yachts and Ferraris on a board, then focus the rest of your time on worrying about debts or hating money, and expect that to attract wealth. Your thoughts and actions must support and be aligned with what you desire to attract.

The Law of Attraction is actually very simple: like attracts like energy. You attract everything that vibrates on the same frequency of energy as your thoughts and emotions. For instance, if you are a joyful person, you will attract joyful experiences, and you will look for joy and find the joy in what life presents to you. If you are a grateful person, you will attract more experiences to feel grateful for; when you vibrate on the frequency of gratitude, you perceive that life is good, and you experience the good in life, even when things are challenging. If you are a negative or depressed person, you will attract and perceive negativity in everything and everyone, because life mirrors you back to yourself.

In essence, your attitudes, perceptions, thoughts and emotions determine what you attract and experience, and more importantly, they determine how you experience your experiences. In the argument for and against Law of Attraction, those who choose to consciously harness the Law of Attraction claim their power to create life as they choose it to be. Those who deny the existence or effectiveness of the Law of Attraction reject their power of choice and responsibility, and often feel like powerless victims of circumstance, blaming everyone and everything for their experiences in life.

Congratulations on your great success with the Law of Attraction. You recognized that you had the power to change and improve your marriage and your life. You made conscious choices to enact the Law of Attraction, and used it to create your life differently. The key to working with the Law of Attraction is that you must have a wholehearted commitment to what you want to manifest, and you must be unwavering in that commitment. You must commit your body, mind, heart and soul to your desired outcome. Most importantly, you must adjust your energy and attune yourself to the frequency of the reality that you choose to experience.

When addressing the argument for and against Law of Attraction, it is imperative to recognize that you will attract what you focus most of your time, energy, thoughts and emotions on. If you do not want to experience the stress of family drama, do not focus on your family drama, or find a way to be at peace with it. Your mother is in pain, but she is inflicting that pain on you, and you are allowing it to affect you and to lower your frequency. Like attracts like energy, so either you allow your mother to bring you down, or you use your energy to raise her up.

Remember that the Law of Free Will supercedes the Law of Attraction. You cannot influence or change another person, unless they want to change, choose to change and commit to changing. Your mother and the sister-in-law refuse to hear about the Law of Attraction because they don't want to take responsibility for their choices and behavior, nor for the consequences of those choices and how their behavior is affecting others, particularly other family members like you. Perhaps they don't really want to have a good relationship, because perhaps they are somehow getting more energy and attention from having a bad relationship. Some people like to attract and experience drama, but you do not have to feed that.

It is actually a good thing that you are physically removed from them, because it makes it easier for you to avoid getting sucked into the vortex of negative energy they are both creating. It could be helpful to visualize them having a happy relationship. It would also be beneficial for you to visualize yourself at peace with both of them, and accepting whatever relationship they choose to have as long as it serves them. This will allow you to detach from the stress and drama. You can also talk to their Higher Selves when they are sleeping, calling upon each of them to choose love and peace over righteousness, and reminding them that they are each right, which does not make the other person wrong.

There is a way of asking spirit guides for help with law of attraction. You can call upon your spirit guides to help you manifest the outcome you desire for your entire family. You can also call on the spirit guides of your mother and the sister-in-law to help them find peace and overcome tension. You can use affirmations such as "I am grateful that my entire family is whole and at peace with themselves and with one another" and "I feel profound peace, joy and gratitude that all members of my family and extended family resonate at the highest frequencies of love and forgiveness, and thereby we all attract and experience pure joy in all ways."

If your family members don't want to learn about the Law of Attraction, you can still teach them by being the living example of it, and draw them into higher frequencies. Instead of getting into an argument for or against law of attraction with your mother or other family members, try asking them questions so they have to claim their own power and responsibility rather than resisting you. If your mother complains about the sister-in-law, ask your mother what kind of outcome she would like to have. Ask her how that outcome would make her feel, then ask her to focus on that feeling instead of on her frustration, anger and pain. Ask her what possible steps could create that outcome, and would it be worth it for her to take those steps in order to overcome her pain and manifest the feeling and experience that she truly desires.

Ultimately, we want what we want in life because of how it makes us feel. If we attune ourselves to that feeling, then we adjust our frequency to attract everything that resonates with that feeling, because our thoughts and feelings are the magnets that irresistibly attract to us all that is on that same wavelength.

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"Responsibility is power. You have the power of choice.
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