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"PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS OF AN EMPATH" Psychic Advice Column addresses inquiries related t0: Empaths blocking psychic attacks, How do I know if I'm an empath,, People with empathic ability, Signs of an empath and more...


Question: "I am an empath (with fibromyalgia), and have been sensitive to others' emotions for a few years now. However, my biggest issue is being overly sensitive to the Earth - I am most deeply (and negatively) affected by storms and earthquakes. Before either occur, I experience: swollen very sore eyes, headaches (which won't go away!), extreme fatigue, brain fog, and also anger and depression (which ordinarily are not feelings I tend to experience as myself), as well as a general sick feeling. After the earthquake or storm has passed, I feel immediate relief and a normal person again! As you know, the Earth is very busy - all the time - and as a result, I feel unwell all the time now."

Psychic Advice:
You are experiencing physical symptoms of an empath. Empaths absorb energy and emotions from the people, places and things around them. Some empaths also pick up energies from the Earth itself, and earthquake headaches and illness is not uncommon. I would call this "geosentience", which is clairsentience for earth energies.

Essentially, people with empathic ability are often healers, and experiencing pain and discomfort around certain people or places can be signs of an empath. Empaths tend to absorb negative energy, which makes them feel bad or unwell, but there are other ways to work with this energy.

Clairsentience or empathic ability really is a psychic gift, and there is a good purpose for it. The reason that people with empathic ability feel other people's pain is so they can help them to heal it. Many people are not aware that they have buried emotions, and that this can be the underlying cause for many painful experiences in their life. Empaths can feel the root cause of an issue, and can thereby help a person to heal at the core.

It is normal and natural for people with empathic ability to absorb other people's emotions and energies, but this is not the best way to work with this gift - instead of taking energy in, you can redirect it. Empaths have the ability to channel divine healing energy, and you can direct this energy toward people, places and things that are in pain. You can imagine light from above going directly into those people or places that need it. You could also visualize the divine light coming into you from above you, coming into your heart to be guided by your intention, then visualize the light going into your hands as healing light, and direct it toward those people or places that need it. Even if you do not know who needs healing, you can still send out balls of light to discharge built-up energy, and call upon the Universe to direct it to whoever or wherever it is most needed. This will help others feel better, and will also help you feel better.

As a "geosentient" empath, you are picking up the pain of the Earth. Rather than taking on that pain, you can shift the polarity of energy so that you are not like a vacuum cleaner, but more like an acupuncture needle for the Earth itself. Whenever you feel the pain or pressure building up inside you, realize that the Earth needs to release energy, and that you are acting as a release valve for the buildup of pressure. In these times, imagine that divine light is pouring into you from your Source above you, and that you are a pillar of light, sending light directly into the Earth. You can imagine many "acupuncture needles" of light (perhaps even crystals) going into the Earth to relieve her pain and pressure. You can also direct the light with your intention to dissipate storms and release some of the buildup of atmospheric and barometric pressure. Try to have fun with this instead of being afraid of it or burdened by it - try to lighten up for your sake and the Earth's.

The Earth does indeed have a lot going on right now, and this is becoming more intense in the times to come. There is also a great deal of emotional turmoil going on with humanity as a whole, and these intense emotions also affect the Earth and weather patterns. What makes this even worse is that many people tend to deny, ignore, or reject their emotions, particularly negative emotions, and these denied emotions build up in the collective unconscious, influencing wars, politics, and Earth changes, among other things.  Some people with empathic ability can feel the energies and emotions in the collective consciousness, and this can be extremely overwhelming and debilitating. This is why you experience an onslaught of anger and depression that are not your own. In these times, try to hold love and peace in your heart, and send that love and peace out to humanity as a whole.

There are several other things you can do to work with this energy more comfortably and effectively. Whenever you feel the energy starting to build up, find a way to ground yourself to discharge the excess energy. You can send the energy into plants by touching them; stand barefoot in the grass and send the energy into the Earth; lean your back against a tree and allow the tree to support you and discharge the energy into the ground through the roots; stand in the ocean or a shallow body of water or even a bathtub with sea salt, and allow the water to carry away the excess energy. Receiving acupuncture can help release the pressure (but it is not always tolerable for extremely sensitive people, especially with fibromyalgia). You could hold crystals in your hands, or use crystals on your body to absorb your pain and excess energy, then cleanse them afterward with salt water or in the earth.

When you feel the buildup of a pressure headache and other physical symptoms of an empath, try to imagine light opening your third eye and crown (your forehead and top of your head). Imagine yourself opening and expanding in the light, and imagine that you are a pillar of light that goes all the way to the core of the Earth. Breathe deeply and slowly, receiving light with each breath, and relaxing and releasing energy each time you exhale. Do not resist or fight the pain, try to relax into it and let it expand, and let the light around you become a bubble of protection.

Many people with empathic ability tend to be psychic sponges, absorbing energy from everyone and everything because they have inadequate boundaries. It is imperative for empaths to put strong boundaries of protection around themselves every morning, and throughout the day. Imagining a bubble of white light around you can be very effective for most people, but for some extremely sensitive empaths, this may not be enough. You can imagine a rainbow of boundary layers, first around your heart, then around you. Start by imagining a layer of red light around your heart, then a layer of orange light surrounding that, then yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, then white light surrounding all the colored layers around your heart. Then envision the same layers around your body, starting with red light around you, and ending with a thick layer of white light completely surrounding all the colored layers around you. This gives you layers of protection that will protect you from energies and emotions that are not your own.

Fibromyalgia can also be one of the signs of an empath. It indicates that you have become overly sensitive to all kinds of energies (particularly EMF - electromagnetic frequency pollution), and it is literally getting on your nerves. To alleviate fibromyalgia, imagine a coating of white or silver light around all of your nerve endings and throughout your entire nervous system. Imagine that your skin is liquid light - silver or white - and that your energy is constantly grounded to the Earth, discharging energy into the Earth, and receiving only life force energy and vitality from the Earth.

The biggest problem is that the Earth is sick and in pain, and under a constant barrage of attack and torture. Those who harm the Earth do not feel her pain, but people with empathic ability bear the burden of being overly sensitive in an insensitive world, and therefore have a hard time living here. You cannot cut off from your feelings, nor can you armor yourself against them, because numbness is not healing and does not make things better (even if it seems blissfully tempting). The physical symptoms of an empath that you experience are a reminder that you are a healer, and that empathy is a healing gift. Receive the divine healing light from your Source above, let it nourish you, fill you and protect you, then send it out to all who need it, including the Earth. And remember to send love and gratitude to the Earth with each and every breath, because she needs it desperately.

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