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"Emotional Health Secrets for Attraction and Manifestation" Psychic Advice Column addresses inquiries related to: emotional intelligence, emotional freedom, technique, emotional support, what is emotional health, emotional, what is emotional intelligence, emotional development, emotional intimacy, emotional problems, emotional pain, emotional intellegence, emotional healing, signs of emotional immaturity relationships, emotional iqemotional release, emotional unavailability, emotional attraction, emotional freedom technique law of attraction & more...


Emotional Health Secrets for Attraction and Manifestation

You are always attracting - the question is, what are you attracting and why are you attracting it? Everything in this Universe is energy - electromagnetic energy. Everything and everyone emits energy, absorbs energy, and responds to energy. Energy goes out in waves, and those waves are measured in two ways: frequency, which is how often the wave peaks, and amplitude, which is how high the wave peaks. When it comes to the energy of attraction and manifestation, frequency is determined by how often you focus your energy and actions on a particular outcome, and amplitude is determined by how strongly you focus on it.

Everything and everyone also vibrates at a particular frequency, which is an energetic signature, or a station like on the radio. When you are attuned to a particular frequency, you attract and experience everything that is on that same wavelength. If you want to change your experience, you have to attune yourself to a different frequency, and you do this by shifting your thoughts, feelings and actions to align with your desired outcome. If you want a different tune, you have to change the channel.


26) Be confident - Confidence is the number one thing that people find attractive - but confidence is not cockiness or arrogance (which are masks for insecurity); confidence is owning your power. To access instant confidence, put your right hand over your solar plexus (your diaphragm at the base of your ribs) - breathe into your solar plexus to center yourself in your power, and stand tall.

27) Be at peace - Close your eyes and breathe in deeply, focusing on the word "peace" as you visualize pure light. Breathe out whispering the word "peace" almost as a sigh, dropping your shoulders and relaxing your mind and body with each breath.

28) Be grateful - At night, write down everything you love and are grateful for about yourself and your life, and go to sleep feeling blessed and lovable. The more you count your blessings, the more blessed you will feel, and the more blessings you will attract. Gratitude holds the highest frequency. Be grateful even for life's challenges and for those who bring them to you.

29) Live wholeheartedly - Desire what you desire with all of your heart, and put all of your heart into all that you do. Half-heartedness only produces half-hearted results, because you get out of life what you put into it. Live fully and heartfully to enjoy the greatest and most fulfilling rewards.

30) Passion - passionate people attract, inspire and instill passion in others - if you are not passionate about your life, about your ideas, about your work, etc., no one else will be. Passion is meant to be shared, so pass on passion to others and ignite the eternal flame of love, power and vitality.

31) State of joy - Joy and peace are states of being, they are not emotions. Emotions are fleeting; people fear happiness because it doesn't last, but joy is enduring, and can endure life's challenges. Commit to living in a state of joy, which holds a high vibration of attractiveness - exude joy and attract joy.

32) Trust, faith and certainty - Trust that you are loved and lovable. Have faith that what you desire exists for you. Release hope and hopelessness, and embrace certainty as to what you are manifesting.

33) Feeling deserving - You must feel worthy of what you desire, and allow yourself to feel that you deserve love, joy, abundance and prosperity. You are worthy simply because you are - the Universe values you unconditionally, you are the one who questions your worth and therefore questions what you feel you deserve. The word "deserve" comes from Latin meaning: "to serve well or enthusiastically".

34) Receive abundance - The Universe gives to you infinitely, you are the one who limits what you are willing to receive. Open your heart and your mind to allow yourself to receive abundantly
35) Pride and self-esteem - If you look down, others will tend to look down on you. Be proud of who you are and what you have achieved thus far, and be proud of the person you are choosing to be.

36) Raise your frequency - The higher your frequency is, the more power you have to manifest what you desire quickly. Also, because like energy attracts like energy, when you vibrate at higher frequencies such as love and joy, you attract more loving and joyful experiences to you. Doing things that you love and enjoy raises your frequency instantly, as does singing, humming, toning, meditating, dancing, whirling, drumming, some types of music, playing, laughing, etc.

37) Love what you desire - Love is a powerful attractor and creative force. You must really love what you desire now - love it into creation, because love is a creative act. If you desire money, you must love money (many people fear, blame, reject, judge or hate money, which all repel money). If you want money for what it can bring you, then love the things that you really want and desire, and call for those directly. If you want love, you must love love itself, do not fear love or reject love. Love what you desire with all of your heart, and really feel how real that love is in order to bring your desire into your reality. Everything is energy and neutral until you energize it with emotion.

38) The state of wanting - The feeling of wanting indicates that something is missing or is not there - it signifies lack. What you focus on is what you create, so wanting just keeps you wanting and feeling empty, creating the perpetual hunger of "never enough" and needing more, which leads to addiction. Desire comes from the heart and directs you to what you would like to create and experience. Instead of wanting, enact your power of choice and choose what you desire to attract.

39) State of being - People desire things because of the state that they believe it will give them - for instance, they desire money or love because they believe it will give them the state of joy. At any time, you can access the state that you desire, you don't have to wait until you have what you desire; if you desire the joy of love, you can embody that now. More importantly, attuning yourself to that state and frequency will align you with what you desire, and will draw it to you.

40) Don’t put off happiness - You can be happy right now, if you choose. It doesn't take anything outside of you to make you happy. Simply smiling shifts your energy and raises your frequency and emotions. Don't take life so seriously - gravity is a force that keeps you down. Lighten up so you can enjoy your life. Who is more attractive: someone who is smiling or someone frowning?

41) Fear and sabotage - You must love what you desire more than you fear it, or else you will reject it, avoid it, deny it, repel it, or otherwise sabotage it. Sabotage comes from fear. Facing your fear dispels it by shedding light on it - running from fear makes it loom larger, because you can't run from your own shadow. We fear loss: if you gain what you desire, what are you afraid of losing?

42) Embrace emotions - humans are designed to experience a spectrum of emotion; emotions are only bad when they are abused or repressed, or used to manipulate and control. Stopping the flow of emotion stops the flow of abundance, intuition and life. A true emotion is instantaneous, so allow yourself to feel what you are feeling, accept it, and let it go. Then choose what you feel next.

43) The drain of negativity - Ongoing negative thoughts and emotions bring you down and lower your frequency, then attract everything that is on lower frequencies, which can spiral downward into depression and despair. Nothing good can come when you feel so bad, because once you are in a state of depression, everything feels bad even if it is good. That is because depression is a state of being, not an emotion, and once you are in that state, you have to alter the frequency of your thoughts and emotions in order to alter your state of experience. Negativity drains energy and lifeforce - you must weed out negative thoughts and emotions diligently, with peace not judgment. You cannot fight negativity with negativity or you will feed it and make it worse, you must simply be patient, kind and loving, and love yourself better. Anger is repulsive.

44) Trust how you feel - If it doesn't feel right, it usually isn't right for you. Don't override or ignore your feelings because they are a powerful way for your intuition to communicate with you. Trust yourself to know what is true for you, and listen to yourself before you listen to others.

45) Surround yourself with supportive people - People are affected by other people's thoughts, feelings and energies. You draw people to you that are on your same wavelength, and who therefore reflect your own frequency, vibration and mindset. When you change, everyone and everything around you must change, because we are all connected. Some people don't like change, and will judge you or try to sabotage you or hold you back so nothing changes for you or for them. Seek out positive people who have what you desire, and who can support and encourage your growth, happiness, prosperity and wellbeing without competition, resentment, judgment or criticism.

46) Practice instantaneous forgiveness - Holding a grudge or holding onto pain only robs you of energy, and perpetuates your pain and suffering. It imprisons you in the past and prevents you from experiencing true joy in the present and for the future. Forgiveness sets you free and releases the pain so that trapped energy becomes available for you to create with. Forgiveness lightens the burden on your heart, your mind, your body and your soul - the sooner you forgive, the better. The truth is, others don't do things to you, they do things for you to serve your evolution.

47) Forgive yourself - Most people are harder on themselves than they would be on anyone else. If you hold feelings of shame, guilt, inadequacy, self-loathing, etc., it robs you of your power and keeps you wounded. If you continue to hurt yourself, it will impede your ability to enjoy life fully. Everything that you have ever done has served a purpose - if you learn and grow from those experiences, then they become strengths and give you wisdom and power. If you use them as weapons against yourself, you will kill your spirit, break your own heart, and stop yourself from attracting what you desire. Accept yourself, forgive yourself, and love yourself, as only you can.

48) Choice - Let go of fear of manifesting, fear of power, and fear of responsibility. You have the power of choice, and with choice comes responsibility - you are responsible for your choices, actions, reactions and consequences. Responsibility is not blame, responsibility is power. Fear of your own power gives power away, leaving you feeling helpless and powerless. You are in the driver's seat of your life, you are not a passenger - you choose the direction of your life. The future is not unknown when you choose it. If you don't like what you have manifested, you have the power to choose again - you are never stuck, but sometimes you must choose to change perspective.

49) The past does not equal the future - Let go of past failure, disappointment, and expecting disappointment in the future. There is no such thing as failure unless you give up or fail to learn from your experience. You are not the same person that you were before, so why would you expect to repeat the same experiences? When you change in the present, you change the future.

50) Focus on the goal beyond the goal - Winning a game is done one goal at a time, but the ultimate goal is to win the entire game, not just to score each individual goal. When you set your sights on what you desire, what is the goal beyond that? What will your life be like when you have everything that you desire? Focus on that, feel that feeling, and get excited about that - then all of the other pieces will align and fall into place to manifest your complete reality on that frequency.

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"Responsibility is power. You have the power of choice.
You are always responsible for the choices you make and the actions you take."
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