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"100 WAYS TO ATTRACT ANYONE AND ANYTHING" Psychic Advice Column addresses inquiries related to: law of attraction and manifestation, laws of attraction, rules of attraction, the law of atraction, universal law of attraction, cosmic law of attraction, the secret law of attraction, law of attracton relatonships, law of attraction techniques, how to control the law of attraction, law of attraction sould mate, using the law of attraction for career success, power of now, manifestation techniques, instant manifestation, spiritual manifestation & more..


Secrets t0 the Law of Attraction and Manifestation

In order to manifest what you desire, you must align your body, mind, heart, soul and will. If any of these aspects of yourself is not in alignment with your conscious desire, then you may experience resistance, self-sabotage, or counter-productive results.

You can manifest anything you choose on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual/etheric planes - the key is that you must believe that it is possible, and you must believe that it is possible for you. Whatever you choose to manifest, it is also important to work toward your desired outcome on all levels by taking physical, mental, emotional and spiritual steps that lead to that reality.


1) Speak only of what you desire - Don't complain about what you don't want. Your words are always affirmations; the Universe responds literally to every word you speak, so watch your language.

2) Affirm - Write affirmations of your intention and state them only in the present and affirmative. Affirm what you can wholeheartedly believe about yourself and your life, and make it feel real to you now. Have a visual reminder, like a bracelet, tattoo or a color, to trigger constant repetition.

3) The almighty "I AM" - Any time you say "I am", you are stating to the Universe how you are, and who you are. "I Am" is a powerful statement of identity, so use it carefully and consciously.

4) Never say "I can't" - where there is a will there is a way, so you always can, but you may choose not to. You always have choice, which gives you power; feeling like you can't is disempowering. Take responsibility for your power of choice and wield it wisely. Never, ever say "I can't afford".

5) Step into your new life already - Act as if, dress as if, and live as if you are that person who has what you desire now. Be that person you are choosing to be  - it is within you, not outside of you.

6) Act like a winner - Like attracts like energy, so if you want to win at life, you must feel like a winner, and play to win; this will also help you attract other winners, because your circle reflects you. Act like you hold the key to the Universe and the secret to manifestation, because you do.

7) Lighten up - Joy is extremely attractive, so smile and laugh often. A smile makes you look better, and gives you the sense of being open, inviting and approachable. Look in the mirror and turn on your inner light until you see your eyes sparkle with light (movie stars have sparkling eyes!).

8) Stand tall - Hold your head up high and be proud of who you are. Maintain good posture, which demonstrates poise and holds a stature that commands respect, admiration and success.

9) Highlight your best features - Focus on your best qualities when you look in the mirror. Don't focus energy or attention on flaws, and don't put yourself down when you are alone or with others.

10) Dress for success - Wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself to exude confidence, which is highly attractive. Wearing red under or outside your clothes gives you power and passion.

11) Stand out as outstanding - Get comfortable with receiving attention. Wear something eye-catching and bright so others can notice you. Let your style get you the recognition you want and desire.

12) Exercise - not just for how you look, but for how it makes you feel. Exercise releases endorphins, and provides a feeling of strength and power. It also creates a healthy glow that is very attractive.

13) List your desires - Make lists of what you desire for your life, for love, and for your purpose. Write down the qualities of your ideal lifestyle, your ideal mate, your ideal relationship, and your ideal career - compare these lists and make sure they are all aligned and harmonious with each other.

14) Picture Yourself - Use imagery to program your mind to see yourself in your desired reality. Cut out pictures from magazines and put photos of yourself in them. Make sure that you look at these images often, and that they make you feel joy, excitement and gratitude, and say out loud, "Yes, thank you". You can also draw it to you by making a drawing of yourself in the life you desire - put a lot of feeling into it and make it colorful and exciting. Be creative in order to create.

15) Release and receive - Let go of the old and make room for the new. Look around you and release anything that does not fit the life you desire, and invest in what invokes desired energy.

16) Change what isn't working - Change the patterns that have created any undesired aspects of your life, and establish new physical patterns to create desired results. Examine the past and present to determine the future, because repeating patterns creates the same results; change requires change.

17) Be the Best - Don't give power away to competing or comparing yourself with others. Always do your best, give your best and present your best in order to experience the best in your life.

18) Nobody's perfect - Let good enough be good enough for you. Perfection doesn't exist, everything and everyone is perfectly imperfect; striving for perfection only leads to disappointment.

19) Ground yourself - When you wake up, plant both feet firmly on the ground and imagine you have roots going into the Earth. This grounds and centers you, making you more empowered.

20) Energize yourself - Fill yourself with vital energy: eat energizing foods, read inspiring material, watch enlightening programs, spend time in nature and with animals, and enjoy things you love.

21) Be sensual - Enjoy life with all of your senses: really taste your food, smell the air, see the beauty around you, listen, and allow yourself to feel sensuous and sexy. Live life fully awake and alive.

22) Live your life now - Don't keep postponing your joy, waiting for someone or something to complete you. Make your "bucket list" of all the things you want to experience in this life, and start doing them or working toward them now. Fulfill yourself and your own needs so you are not needy.

23) Make to do lists - Recognize that each step you take brings you closer to your desired outcome. The word "action" is integral to "attraction", so you must act in order to attract.

24) Be the person you want to be with - Like attracts like, so go where you will find like-hearted like-minded people who are interested in the same things (don't go to bars to meet people unless you want to be with drinkers or sports fans). Be authentic, don't wear masks or pretend to be someone you are not just to try to please or attract others. If you like yourself, others will like you, too.

25) Stay connected - Life is more about who you know than what you know. Don't live a virtual reality hiding behind a computer - get out and connect with people who'll connect you to other people and other opportunities. Be willing to say "yes" to life and the opportunities it presents.

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"Responsibility is power. You have the power of choice.
You are always responsible for the choices you make and the actions you take."
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