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"MEDICAL INTUITION: THE ART OF LISTENING" Psychic Advice Column addresses inquiries related to Medical Intuition and How does science explain the phenomenon of intuition - and more...


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Psychic Advice:
Medical intuition involves recognizing that humans are multi-sensory, multi-dimensional beings, and the physical is only one of those dimensions. Modern allopathic medicine, is just that, medicine. It tends to treat the physical only, and to focus on every symptom as separate. It uses medicine to treat the symptoms, without looking at the person as a whole being to determine the actual cause. Naturopathic and holistic medicine treat the person as a whole, thereby seeking to restore wellbeing in the whole body. Medical intuition supports that by pinpointing the root cause of an issue, and what is underlying it.

Most conditions do not originate on the physical level - in fact, the physical level is often the last level of manifestation. Disease is usually the result of imbalance and disharmony on some level in a person's life. It usually begins as painful thoughts, then painful emotions, then finally becomes physical pain until it gets the person's attention. Pain is an indicator and warning system that something is out of balance and out of harmony on some level, but we often tend to either ignore this pain, or isolate it. Pain radiates from its source, but the location of the pain is not always the location of its cause.

When weeding a garden, if you do not get the entire root, the weed will grow back. The same is true of disease. Medical intuition involves listening with all of yourself, with your ears, your eyes, your body, your inner knowing, and your heart, in order to sense a person's pain and where it is originating from.

All conditions serve a purpose for all concerned, and not all conditions are curable. Some conditions may be part of a person's karma or life purpose - they are often born with these conditions (but not always), and these conditions often impact their loved ones. In truth, all conditions are really a gift for that person and those they love. Any condition that develops during a lifetime invites self-examination and self-discovery. It provides the opportunity for everyone connected to that person to grow and evolve through love and compassion. These are the true healers, because love and compassion, particularly self-love and compassion for oneself, restore balance, peace, harmony and wellbeing within one and all.

Most conditions are conditional - they respond to and develop from the conditions in a person's life, and they can change if a person changes those conditions. Disease is a state of being, just as wellness is - wellness can be restored as long as the disease has not become an identity that the person uses to define who they are and what their life is about. Sometimes it can be helpful to ask a person: who would you be without this condition and what would your life be like without it? If they become scared or confused by these questions, they are holding onto their condition chronically because it serves them somehow.

Any condition is a journey - the question is where did it begin and where will it end? Medical intuition can determine the seeds that were planted that caused it to grow and develop, but where it ends is often a matter of choice, or a series of choices. Every experience and outcome involves a series of choices, of actions and reactions, and responses to our choices and experiences. Ailments are the repercussions of repeated choices of thought, feeling and action, so if one repeatedly changes those thoughts, feelings and actions, one takes the journey back to the beginning, which creates wholeness once again.

If the journey and the choices end in death, it is not a failure on anyone's part. The journey of life must end in death at some point or another, because that is the nature of life on Earth. Everything has its own cycles and its seasons. Birth and death and rebirth are endless seasons in the cycle of life. Death is not an ending, it is a new beginning - it is a transition and a graduation to another plane.

Death is actually a choice - it is one of the multitude of choices that we make in the journey of life. Death is always an option, but there are infinite other options and choices along the way. Many people are afraid to live well, or they don't believe they can. They often settle for a stressful, joyless life that robs them of their energy and life force day-in and day-out. But this, too, is a choice. There are always other choices and options, if one is willing to look for them. Medical intuition is not only about seeking the cause of a condition, it is also about looking for its solution. This solution involves getting to the heart of the matter - helping the person to connect with what is really in their heart in order to really want to live well, and to live a life worth living and loving.

Joy is the great healer. It is often said that laughter is the best medicine. This is because joy holds a very high frequency of vibration. Everything in this Universe is energy, and energy affects everything in this Universe. Every energy has its own frequency and wavelength, and every disease also has its own frequency, which is usually very low. Negative thoughts and emotions, as well as traumatic experiences, can lower a person's vibration and thereby lower their immune system. When the body is resonating at lower frequencies, it is vulnerable to developing diseases and conditions. Depression depresses the immune system, while joy strengthens it by raising one's vibration.

Joy is key to vitality and wellbeing. Most people who live to be over a hundred years of age tend to be positive, joyful people. They tend to love life and to want to live, so they do. Joy holds such a high vibration that disease cannot exist or develop at that frequency, therefore joy should be part of every healing prescription. A person must discover what gives them joy and incorporate that into their life so they can enjoy living well.

Breath is also key to life. We must all breathe to live, but most people are barely living because they are barely breathing. Every cell in the body requires oxygen in order to thrive, yet most people breathe so shallowly that they starve their cells of oxygen and deprive them of life force. Stress and fear cause people to hold their breath, but this only increases fear and stress. In times of stress, we need to breathe more, not less. Breathing deeply not only promotes a greater feeling of calm and wellbeing in the entire body, it also supports us to think more clearly as it feeds the brain with oxygen. It also supports the state of peace necessary to access intuitive guidance.

Those who seek healing need to be encouraged to breathe more deeply. Not only does this lower blood pressure and calm the nervous system, but it also makes it easier to read them intuitively. When a person is nervous and afraid, they put up a defensive wall of tension. This not only protects them from danger, but it also prevents them from receiving help because it is difficult to get through a wall.

Breathing can be retrained with intention. People who suffer with anxiety disorders and asthma can be supported to remain calm through breathing. Entrained breathing can help those suffering from an asthma attack, whereby a person gets directly behind the asthmatic and holds them gently, starting off by breathing exactly like the asthmatic is breathing, then gradually slowing the breathing down to normal.

There must be an intention to heal, both on the part of the healer, and on the part of the person seeking healing. Healing is not about an operation - it is about co-operation. No one can heal another without that person's will being involved. They must be willing to heal, and they must be willing to change the thoughts, feelings and actions that caused the condition in the first place. No one can do this for them, and without their willingness, true healing cannot take place. All healing is really self-healing, and practitioners of healing arts support and facilitate that.

Healing requires intention and attention. The pain of disease is a call for attention, but it is often ignored and increases slowly over time. At any point, if we pay attention to it, we give it the energy it needs to heal. The sooner we pay attention, the faster and easier it is to heal. If we ignore our pain at any level of ourselves, it will continue to increase and to move onto the next level until it demands our attention. It is the body's way of crying out for us to listen to it.

Sometimes what people really need is just to be heard and listened to. Listening is an essential part of being a healer. One must also encourage a person to listen within themselves to what they are thinking and feeling emotionally, and to listen to their own body before it starts screaming in pain.

Intuition involves asking questions and listening for the answers - the key is to ask the right questions in order to get the right answers. As a medical intuitive, one must ask questions to access one's own inner knowing as well as divine universal wisdom and guidance. One must also ask questions of the person seeking healing, and then listen, not just to what they say, but also to how they say it. Be aware of what kind of emotions it is bringing up in them, and what kind of feelings, both physically and emotionally, it is bringing up in you as a healer. Ask them when they first noticed their condition, and what was going on in their life at the time, and in the time leading up to that. This will give you the clues you need to follow your intuition to discover the true source and the solution to their manifestation.

The human body is a marvel of creation that is constantly seeking to maintain balance within its system. The body contains everything it needs to create and sustain wellbeing, as long as it is supported to do so. Essentially, healing requires restoring balance and harmony within the whole being on all levels. Employing medical intuition can allow one to see, hear, feel and know all the information necessary to affect true healing and transformation.

How does science explain
the phenomenon of intuition?

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, a former Apollo Astronaut and the 6th man to walk on the moon, gave a lecture on the Quantum Hologram at the SpiritHeals Integrative Medicine Conference in Victoria, BC. As founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, whose mission is "Advancing the science of consciousness and human experience to serve individual and collective transformation", Dr. Mitchell explained intuition according to quantum physics. To paraphrase excerpts from Edgar Mitchell's lecture:

- Intuition is rooted in quantum reality, which preceded physical reality. Therefore intuition should really be considered our 1st sense rather than our 6th sense, because it is the purest form of receiving information.

- The Akashic Record: experience is contained within the Akashic Field - experience does not die or dissipate.

- Consciousness is how we know reality: through objective, subjective, and intuitive means. We need to reassess our ways of accessing knowing to include intuition and other ways of knowing.

- All matter radiates and absorbs energy continuously. Everything and every place absorbs and emits energy.

- The quantum hologram is responsible for all Psi phenomena, including healing, but science does not know how to write the equation for it.

- In the Quantum Hologram, information is exchanged non-locally and coherently at the quantum level. Intuition is exchanging quantum information. Psychics can access this quantum information, like the Akashic Record.

- Everything in nature contains a built in storage and retrieval mechanism for vast quantities of information. This occurs at the cellular level. We are constantly receiving psychic information from everything, primarily at the emotional level.

- Quantum hologram is everywhere in nature. Animals are highly intuitive. We get intuitive information from animate and inanimate sources (from objects and lifeforms). We pick up this information at emotional and subconscious levels.

- We are in quantum resonance with each other. Information is recoverable by resonance. The more in tune the resonance, the more complete the information.

- The quantum hologram accounts for the collective mind, remote viewing, telepathy, etc.  Prayer, meditation, healing, the 100th monkey phenomenon, and group effects are all related to the Quantum Hologram.

- You have to train yourself through meditation and practice to receive holographic information and attune to resonance. A hologram is an image coming off the image, and you receive it at a visceral level.

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