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"SOUL MATE COMPATIBILITY" and LEVELS OF AN EMPATH Psychic Advice Column addresses inquiries related to: Twins flames and soul mates, Soul mate indicators, Relationship and love soul mate, Twinflame and soulmate connections, How to draw your soul mate to you quickly, conventional relationship versus soul mate relationship , Difference between empathy and clairsentience,, Why is empathic understanding important, Empathic abilities, How an empath can stay grounded, Highly sensitive empath attracting negative energy, Turning empathy into power, Empath way to protect self, Spirituality and empaths, Awakening empathic powers, and more...


Question: "I have recently had it confirmed that I am a strong empath and clairvoyant. My question has to do with my empathy. I believe beyond a doubt that I have found my soulmate. She knows this as well, but we are unable to be together right now. We were out of contact for months but have recently started talking sporadically, as her situation only allows this. My question is, could her emotions be affecting mine in a stronger way than a normal person's would? She does not live near me, and we don't have much contact. However, since the day that she first contacted me, I have been having mood swings, some of them I can only attribute to being from her. Do you have any information about soulmates and empathy? Is there any way to protect myself as I am mostly feeling the negative emotions. She is also an empath and clairvoyant."

Psychic Advice:
We are all connected to everyone and everything, so we have the ability to feel everyone and everything because it is a part of us. Empaths are more sensitive to the energies of other people, whether they are aware of it or not, and awakening empathic abilities can feel somewhat uncomfortable at times. Your soulmate's emotions could definitely be affecting your emotions more strongly than in a conventional relationship versus a soul mate relationship. There are different degrees of empathic connection and different levels of an empath.

Some empaths need to be close to a person, a place or an object in order to pick up feelings - they enter a room or talk to someone and suddenly find themselves feeling a certain way that they did not feel before. Often, they are most aware of suddenly taking on negative feelings, such as sadness, anger, depression, etc. Of course, empaths also pick up positive and joyous feelings from other people and places, but these positive feelings may not be as noticeably empathic as the sudden impact and affect of taking on negative feelings.

Some empaths actually need to touch something or someone in order to receive impressions through psychometry. This is an empathic skill that can go unnoticed, but it also can be learned and developed by any empathic or clairsentient person. Some people believe that there is a difference between empathy and clairsentience, and to a degree, this is true, although empathy is a form of clairsentience. Someone with empathic abilities usually picks up on emotions and feelings primarily from people, places and animals, while someone who is clairsentient can feel the energy and vibrations from anything and everything around them. People can develop empathy by having the willingness to feel what another person is feeling. Some may wonder why empathic understanding is important; the answer is that connecting with another person and feeling what they are feeling allows you to understand them at the deepest levels - this is one of the highest forms of love and compassion.  

Some people have empathic abilities that are so strong that they are not limited by time or space and can pick up feelings and energies from other people and places at a distance.  As a professional psychic, I use my empathic abilities to connect with people all over the world, and I can feel what they are feeling emotionally, and also physically when necessary. There are certain relationships that form empathic bonds that transcend space: twins are known to be able to feel what their twin is feeling at a distance often throughout their lives, and some mothers can also feel when their children are in distress even when they are far away. The closer we are to someone emotionally, the more we pick up on their emotions and energies.

We are more strongly connected with members of our soul family and soul group, especially with twin flames and soul mates. An empathic connection can be one of the soul mate indicators of soul mate compatibility, particularly if the empathic feelings are so strong that they can be felt at a great distance. Some people can feel these kinds of twinflame and soulmate connections with soul mates that they have not even met in the physical (especially when they are in the dreamtime), but they may not recognize that they are picking up empathic feelings from their soul mate.

Because you and your soul mate cannot be together at this time, your soul mate is likely to be feeling a lot of pain, sadness and frustration, and those are the feelings that you are picking up on. There are a few ways of working with this. Next time you speak with her, tell her that you can feel her feelings, and remind her that you are always connected with each other even when you cannot be together. Tell her that whenever she feels the longing to be with you, or when she feels that she is missing you, she should close her eyes and imagine your arms around her. Instead of her focusing on the pain of distance, have her call upon your love, and bathe in the light of that love. Tell her that whenever she is feeling sad, lonely, depressed, frustrated, etc., she has only to close her eyes and breathe in your love, because you are always with her.

Anyone can do this with a soul mate at a distance, even if they have not met that soul mate yet - it is much better to fill oneself with the love of a soul mate that is ever-present than it is to wallow in the pain of loneliness, loss or lack. Connecting with the love of your soul mate in the present is how to draw your soul mate to you quickly, because love is a healing and attractive force that transcends time and space.

Another way of dealing with being a highly sensitive empath who is attracting negative energy and negative feelings is to transmute that negativity within you, or within her. People with empathic abilities are often healers in one form or another, and this is the way of turning empathy into power. The empathic feelings that you receive indicate what needs to be healed in the other person, and there are several ways to work with empathic healing: one way is to project energy to that person (which also works for places and animals that need healing or cleansing), and the other is to transmute and transform the negative feelings within you and within your own body when you have absorbed them.

It is preferable to transmit healing energy to that person, to see them bathed in light and love, surrounded by light and love, and healed by light and love. You can project that healing energy through your mind and intention, or you can imagine that the person is in front of you, and direct healing energy into them with your hand. You can visualize their pain or energy blocks flowing out of them and into the earth, where they are transformed into love.

If you choose to transmute the energy that you have absorbed within you, there are two ways of doing this. The first is to close your eyes and get in touch with that feeling - really feel it and let it build, then embrace and accept it, then imagine the opposite of that feeling and fill yourself with that (for instance, if you feel frustration, you can then fill yourself with its opposite, which is peace, or whatever feels like the opposite of frustration to you - perhaps success, fruition, etc.). You can use this as a healing tool for yourself, or with others.

The second method of inner transmutation for empaths is to imagine that you are the other person, that you are in their skin feeling their feelings. Again, allow yourself to feel the feelings, and the circumstances that are triggering those feelings - look for the root cause, and again accept the feelings as well as the cause. Feel yourself as that person feeling acceptance and at peace, releasing the negative emotional charge, releasing the pain and the blocked energy that is causing it, and allowing peace, joy, love and wellbeing to flow once again. Before you do this form of transmutation, you need to make sure that you have that person's permission, so ask them either verbally or psychically if you can work with them in this way.

You can also use prayer to assist those you love at a distance. You can send angels to help them, to guide them, heal them and support them. You can also work with their Higher Self by communing with their Higher Self in the night while they are sleeping. You can have conversations with their Higher Self, reminding them to feel your love, to be at peace, to allow for change, healing and transformation that is for the highest and best good of all. You can ask their Higher Self to fill them with strength and courage to deal with their present situation, and to allow them to release what no longer serves them.

Boundaries of protection are very important for those with empathic abilities, and this is how an empath can stay grounded. However, you do not want boundaries that are so strong that they interfere with the relationship and love with your soul mate, because this empathic connection is reinforcing your soul mate compatibility.

Psychics control their empathic skills through intention, meditation, visualization and protection. One of the best ways for an empath to protect yourself is to imagine a rainbow of colored layers surrounding your heart - begin with a layer of red around the heart, then a layer of orange around that, then a layer of yellow, then green, blue, indigo, violet, and then a layer of white light surrounding all the layers around your heart. Visualize the same layers surrounding your body, starting with a layer of red closest to your body, then each layer of color around that, and finally a large bubble of white light surrounding all the layers of color around your body. This is the most effective way for an empath to protect themself, and to still allow others to get close to them to varying degrees. You can visualize these rainbows around your own heart and your own body, and you can also visualize these rainbows around the heart and body of your soul mate - or you can share this with her so she can visualize this empathic protection for herself.

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