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"Manifest Destiny": Seven ways of divine guidance Psychic Advice Column addresses inquiries related to: Manifest Destiny: Seven ways of divine guidance, Chance meeting or destiny synchronicity, Meaningful coincidence synchronicity, Description of how to connect with your spirit guides, Ask spirit guides for help, Asking your spirit guides for help, authentic life path, Gratitude, Reflection, Faith, Synchronicity, Joy. Prayer meditation, Trust, Dreams

Manifest Destiny :


Question: "How does one raise their vibration so that he/she experiences peace and attracts that which will put them back on their true path?"

Psychic Advice:

To raise your frequency in order to follow your authentic life path, incorporate these seven ways of divine guidance so you can manifest destiny:

Many people detour from their true path because of fear. They feel the pull of responsibility, and they fear that their true path may not support them, or that they might have to sacrifice a great deal in order to live their true path. The opposite of fear is faith. Having faith in yourself and in the perfection of the divine plan raises your frequency and allows you to have peace on your path. When you have faith, you are connected with your divine guidance, and you can ask your spirit guides for help.

One of the ways that the Universe communicates with us is through "meaningful coincidence or synchronicity". Our spirit guides are always trying to get our attention to lead us onto our true path, and they coordinate certain chance meetings, synchronicity, or coinciding events to guide us as signs. The more we pay attention to these synchronicities, the more it allows our spirit guides to communicate with us. As we delight in the synchronicity, it raises our frequency and vibration, allowing us to resonate more closely to our guides. Synchronicity is one of the tools of ascension. (The book "The Celestine Prophecy" illustrated this beautifully.)

Joy is one of the signposts to indicate whether you are on your true path or not. If you do not feel joy in the life you are living, then you are not living your authentic path. Of course, there are challenges that cause people to experience fear, pain, suffering and anxiety, but these all lower one's frequency and vibration. Such discomfort only serves you if it makes you so uncomfortable that it inspires change, because if you are unhappy, it indicates that you need to make changes in your life.

Joy raises your frequency and vibration under all circumstances. If you follow what gives you joy, it will guide you to your true path. Many people find that their authentic path often involves something that gave them joy in their childhood, or helped them to survive a painful childhood.

Joy connects you with the divine. When you are resonating at the frequency of joy, you attract joy to you, and you spread joy all around you. When you are in the flow of joy, everything flows in your life and becomes effortless, because you raise your frequency beyond that of pain, struggle and suffering. Joy is also tremendously healing, as it raises one's vibration higher than the frequency of disease - this is why it is said that laughter heals and is the best medicine.

If you want to understand what frequency you are currently resonating at, look around you. Your life is a reflection of the energy that you are emitting. When you are resonating on higher frequencies, you become irresistibly attractive to all good things. You radiate vibrant health, vitality, attractiveness and positive energy. Everything around you gives you joy, and you see love and beauty all around you. If your life is not reflecting what you would like to see, start by seeing beauty in everything that's in your life. Love your life the way it is now, love everyone who's in your life now, and love yourself the way you are now. Learn to love well in order to live well.

Negative thoughts and emotions such as depression, anger, hatred, resentment, bitterness all lower a person's vibration, and make them susceptible to more negative experiences that cause suffering. Like attracts like, so negativity begets negativity. In order to raise your vibration and frequency, it is important to choose what you think, what you say, what you watch, what you read and what you surround yourself with. If you read or watch the news, it will likely lower your vibration as the constant negativity will fill you with fear, anger, etc.

Let go of what no longer serves you, but let it go with love and blessings for having served you up to now. The things that hold us back also weigh us down and lower our frequency. These things are like sandbags that hold down a hot air balloon - as you release them, you raise your vibration so that you can fly. Be willing to forgive, because lack of forgiveness is a burden that can hold you back for lifetimes. The more you practice instantaneous forgiveness, the lighter your heart will be and the higher your vibration will be. Behaving with loving kindness allows you to resonate on the highest frequencies, where the rewards are joy and delight, and all that gives you joy and delight will be reflected in your life.

Gratitude is the greatest shortcut to creating and attracting what you want in life. Gratitude raises your frequency and vibration to the highest levels of love and joy. It also tells the Universe what you want: "Yes, thank you, more of this". Gratitude is the fastest way to shift and transmute energy, and to transcend negativity. Gratitude is the easiest way to connect with the divine, and to communicate directly with your guides.

Gratitude is known to be the greatest form of prayer, because every prayer is actually an affirmation. When you pray or meditate, focus on what you want to experience, and be grateful that you are experiencing it now. There is no time or space, there is only now, so gratitude allows you to transcend the illusion of time and space to create what you want in the here and now. Prayer and meditation raise your energetic frequency and vibration, especially when you focus your mind and your heart on thoughts and feelings of joy and gratitude.

Your dreams for your life are part of your original mission, purpose and life plan. Trust in your dreams, trust your guides, and trust your own intuition to guide you to your true path. Your guides can often use your dreams to show you signs that lead you to your true path. The more you surrender to trust, the more you raise your vibration so you can see your true path more clearly.

The Universe supports you to succeed and be happy, and to manifest destiny, because the vibrations of joy and happiness emanate from you into the Universe, which raises the frequency and vibration of everything and everyone around you. Do not let fear bring you down or get in your way. Allow yourself to trust yourself to know what is true for you. Follow your dreams, and let what gives you joy lead you to your highest joy and greatest bliss, for that is the highest vibration and the truest path.

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