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"Simultaneous alternate realities parallel universes" Psychic Advice Column addresses inquiries related to: Space time dimension for beginners, 2012 planet alignment, Beyond the third dimension, 2012 and preparation, Heaven is a parallel universe, and more...


Question: "What does it mean? This has happened twice, with two different circumstances. Both times I am at my desk concentrating on my work. Out of the corner of my eye, I see my sister going about her daily routine: once she was walking to the sink first thing in the morning; once she was leaning over her desk right next to mine to check her email. Both times, she left the room and when I heard no noise and she did not say anything, I got up and checked the house to see where she was. The first time she was still in bed and the second time she was across the street at her friend's house. This has never happened to me before and I would like to know what the significance is? They occurred within about 2 weeks of each other."

Psychic Advice:
Don't worry, you are not losing your mind - you have been experiencing simultaneous alternate realities and parallel universes. Humanity has entered into a pivotal time of choice, but the final choices for our collective destiny have not yet been made.  We are poised at a place in time and space where the veils between worlds are thinning, and where more people have more access to simultaneous alternate realities and parallel universes. We are constantly slipping between these alternate dimensions without necessarily realizing it, until we make a choice for our personal and collective future.

Let me explain this concept in as simple a way as possible - we can refer to this as "space time dimension for beginners".  Time is not linear - the perception of a past, present and future is an illusion, and so is the concept of moving through linear time. This illusion is created on Earth because the vibration of the third dimension and of humanity in general is very low, and therefore moves very slowly. We have created the illusion of the passage of time so we can have a sense of our growth and evolution as we move through time and as time passes through us

The reality is that all time is now and exists simultaneously in different dimensions of space-time, much like a beehive or honeycomb. We live within the illusory perception of moving through space in order to get from point A to point B, from Here to There - however, there is no "There"; there is only "Here" and "Now". We believe that we move through space and time, but in reality, time and space move through us - we exist in infinite space and eternal time, for that is what we are in essence.

We are perpetually drawing the "future" to us in the now, and we have an infinite number of future realities to choose from and draw from. This is the power of the Law of Attraction: we attract a particular reality to us by focusing attention and energy upon it. We do not move into the future, the future comes to us. As you sit reading this, time is passing through you and the next "now" is upon you. This "Now" was once your potential future, is now your present, and suddenly slips into you perception of the past, moment by moment. Your future is coming to you and passing through you, as time and space move through you, because you are always "here" and "now" - there is no other time and nowhere else you can be but here and now. You are like a movie projector with the film being drawn through you frame-by-frame, which is then projected unto the screen that becomes your external reality.

The key is that there are an infinite number of possibilities for "Here" and "Now". You can choose to be in virtually any "Here" or "Now" simply by focusing your consciousness on it. There are an infinite number of possibilities for the future, for the present, and even for the past. Your beliefs, thoughts and focus limit these possibilities only with regard to what you believe is possible for you to experience, but the possibilities still remain infinitely infinite; other possibilities can be chosen by anyone at any time to shift and change reality for oneself and others.

We can illustrate this by exploring the concept of the "past". The past no longer exists in the "Now" except in terms of perceptual memory, however, focusing intently on the past can create a memory so vivid that you recreate it in the now, with all of the emotions and visceral sensations attached to it - you can feel fear, hatred, anger, joy, happiness, or love right now depending on the past memories you choose to recall and how you choose to perceive and feel about them in the present.

The past is not fixed or set in stone. History is mutable and subjective based on individual perception or collective agreement. This is evident in a family when each person remembers the same shared experiences completely differently. Each person had a different perspective, and therefore a completely different experience, which created a different memory. However, it is possible to alter the past by simply changing one's perspective of what happened. History does this all the time (this is how we create history, or her-story for that matter).

Just as we have many options for creating the past, so we have infinite options for creating and choosing the present and the future. Each choice and each option is essentially a different dimension of possibility and experience. We choose one option, which becomes the path that we consciously pursue, however, there are alternate realities and alternate selves experiencing the other choices, and the other paths that emerge from those choices.

There are alternate realities for the Earth as well, in the past, present and future: there are alternate pasts with alternate outcomes from wars, realities where nuclear weapons never existed, and realities where they caused total annihilation. There are alternate futures for the Earth also, but we have yet to choose which of these we will collectively bring about in this particular dimension.

There are moments in time and space where these simultaneous realities and parallel universes come so close to each other that it is possible to pass from one into the other. This is what you were experiencing with your sister: another parallel reality that was very similar and very close to this one, but that was also different from this one.

There is a quickening occurring on Earth now where we are raising our vibration and more people are able to perceive and experience alternate realities. Heaven is a parallel universe where those who pass beyond the third dimension release the density of the physical body and are able to vibrate at a much higher frequency in what we call "spirit form". There are many people who are increasingly able to perceive these higher frequencies and other dimensions. This has a lot to do with 2012 and preparation for the 2012 planet alignment.

We are entering a time of unparalleled choice because the dimensions of space and time are shifting on Earth. Many people fear 2012 as the end of time, when it is really the end of time as we know it. It does not have to be a 2012 doomsday, and it does not mean that 2012 is the end of the world. What is happening is that people are in a process right now where they are either raising or lowering their frequency and vibration, and this will determine what type of dimension they experience as their present and future reality.

The essence of duality is shifting on Earth where it will still continue to co-exist, but it will exist in different and separate dimensions. There are 2012 prophecies that predict a thousand years of peace, and there are 2012 predictions that speak of doomsday and destruction. Those who raise their vibration shall experience peace, while those who succumb to fear and hatred and who cannot rise above these base lower frequencies will experience the reflection and attraction of their fear and hatred as their reality.

There are always an infinite number of simultaneous alternate realities and parallel universes available to us. Our intentions, beliefs, thoughts and emotions create our vibrational frequency, which determines which options we attract and create in the here and now. We have constant choice in each "here" and each "now" as to what we choose to experience, and that determines what we attract and what the world reflects to us in the next here and the next now.

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"Responsibility is power. You have the power of choice.
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