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"How to control the law of attraction" Psychic Advice Column addresses inquiries related to: Quantum holographic law of attraction, Law of attraction thought processes, Career and law of attraction, I need to law of attraction things to go my way, Law of attraction how to phrase requests, Finding hope and law of attraction, The effects of law of attraction, 7 laws of attraction and more


Question#1: "Is it possible to have a thought/idea occur real? If yes, what steps do I need for such cases?"

Psychic Advice:
Many people want to know how to control the law of attraction, but the law of attraction is one of the primary laws of the Universe, and the Universe cannot be controlled. In fact, control is an illusion; we have no actual control over anything. However, we can manage and direct energy with our thoughts and intentions - this is the nature of the law of attraction, and the essence of understanding how to work with it.

In order to direct the law of attraction, thought processes are vitally important. You must have a clear picture in your mind of what you want to create and experience. Cutting pictures out of magazines to create vision boards can be helpful because they give you something to focus your thoughts on, and they give you mental pictures of what you want to create. Photos in magazines can give you ideas as to what the possibilities are - it is like being presented with a menu. When you select photos or images for your vision board, you are effectively placing your order to the Universe.

Some people think, "I need to 'Law of Attraction' things to go my way", so they make their vision boards and affirmations, then they wait for what they want to magically manifest. If it doesn't appear, they think that the law of attraction doesn't work, but the law of attraction is always at work. The law of attraction rules our life because we attract everything that we experience - the key is that we attract what we focus most of our energy on most of the time.

Working with the law of attraction is much like planting a garden. First you must decide what you want your garden to be like, and what you want in your garden, then you must plant those seeds. But anyone who has ever planted a garden knows that simply putting the seeds in the ground is usually not enough to guarantee the desired results - a garden requires constant attention in order to achieve the desired outcome, unless you are willing to accept whatever grows naturally. When it comes to working with the law of attraction, many people think that they just have to plant the seeds of their intentions and then watch for them to grow and manifest, but all seeds need nurturing in order to grow.

You must feed the seeds of your intention with love, focusing lots of time and energy on manifesting what you want. You need to take whatever action is necessary to cultivate your intention and support it to grow. You also need to weed your mind and your life frequently in order to weed out any negative thoughts, emotions or influences that might choke or hinder the growth of what you desire to manifest in the garden of your life. Working with the law of attraction is not about passively waiting for things to come to you - it requires energy, focus and action. This is why some people think that the law of attraction does not work, because they are not fully committed to working with it.

One could say that there are really 7 laws of attraction:

1) You must be clear about what you want to create and experience, and you must be able to see it clearly, therefore frequent visualization is very helpful.

2) You must believe that what you want is possible, and that it is possible for you to manifest it. You must also believe that you are worthy of experiencing it.

3) You must want it more than you fear it - if you are at odds with yourself, you cannot manifest what you want. It is helpful to ask yourself, "If I get what I want, what does that mean? What are the positive and negative consequences, and how will my life change?"

4) Every thought is a prayer, and every word is a command, so be careful what you say regarding the law of attraction and how to phrase requests. Create affirmations of gratitude for experiencing what you want in the present, eg. "I am so grateful that I am living in my ideal home on a perfect piece of land that is exactly in the right place for me (and my family)." The more you repeat your affirmations, the more time and energy you focus on what you want to manifest - remember that we create what we focus our energy on most of the time. But it is not enough to simply repeat affirmations robotically, you must actually FEEL the joy, excitement and gratitude, and incorporate feeling these emotions when you state your affirmations.

5) This is a multidimensional Universe, so we must understand the quantum holographic law of attraction. Just as a seed germinates underground before we ever see signs of it manifesting on the surface, the seeds of our intentions and ideas must germinate in another dimension before they manifest on the physical plane - as above, so below. This is why visualization is so important, because it allows you to create the image of what you desire - the more time and energy you focus on this image, the more you bring it into form and attract it into third dimensional physical reality. The more it matters to you, the more energy you give it to manifest in material form. Use your imagination to visualize yourself really living in that reality, walk around in it, feel it as if it is your present reality. Essentially, you are going fishing in the infinite stream of consciousness; once you are hooked into what you want to create, you must reel it in to draw it to you.

6) The key to the law of attraction is to understand that everything is energy, and that everything is first created energetically. Everything in the Universe is electromagnetic energy. Thought provides the electricity that gives it life, but it is our emotions that magnetically attract our experiences to us. Most people believe that they have emotions in response to their experiences, when in fact, they attract experiences in response to their emotions! Once you have created the image of what you want, you must then attract that reality into the physical - you do this by feeling the joy of experiencing that reality. Feel all of the joy and gratitude that you would feel once you manifest what you want, then feel that joy and gratitude for having it now. Feel absolute faith, trust and certainty that you are manifesting what you desire, and release any guilt, doubt or negativity.

7) Like attracts like, so you must vibrate at the same frequency as what you want to manifest. This is why you must visualize yourself in that reality, and feel the feelings of being in that reality. That will align your energy with the vibrational frequency of that reality. This is why we "act as if", because if you become the person who has what you want, then your energy will attract it. If you want love, you must resonate at the frequency of love which will attract love; many people who want love in their lives focus on feelings of loneliness, and therefore they only attract more loneliness. When it comes to career and law of attraction, if you want wealth and success, dress for success and own the energy of wealth - this will attract wealth and success to you, and other people will see you as a wealthy and successful person. You don't have to be wealthy in order to lead a rich life, but if you feel grateful for leading a rich life, you will resonate at the frequency of attracting wealth. 

Question#2: "I have been trying to use the power of attraction to change where I currently live and get into a house. If someone would like to live in two different states, how do you focus properly to make that happen? Do I focus on the actual house and land I want and let the Universe decide which of the two states it should be in, or do I need to pick one and focus just on that? I worry that I will confuse the law of attraction by focusing on two areas as opposed to one, and then nothing will happen."

Psychic Advice:
Once you understand the essence of the 7 laws of attraction above, you can use several approaches for finding the ideal home in the perfect place for you. First, you must decide what is the most important thing: is it the house, the land, or the location? You can have it all, but it is best to prioritize what is most important for you.

If the house is the most important thing, get clear on what the house should look like and feel like. Focus on any details that are really important to you, like the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Imagine yourself walking around inside the house and feel the joy of being there. Imagine being in that house with family, friends and loved ones - feel what it is like to live in that home, and feel grateful for living there now.

If the land is the most important thing, focus on what size land you want, and what you are using it for. Imagine walking on the land and see all the different areas and how they serve your needs perfectly. Feel the energy of the land and the love you feel for that land, and feel the love and appreciation that the land has for you. Let that love, joy and gratitude call the land to you, and call you to the ideal land.

If the location is the most important thing, get clear on where you want to be and all that you want around you. Imagine all the things that are important to you surrounding where your home will be. Imagine your ideal neighborhood, your neighbors, and your community. Imagine your workdays and your days off, and how you live your life in that area.

Once you get clear on what type of home, land and community that you want to live in, you are placing your order with the Universe. You can still change your mind and make adjustments to make it exactly what you want, but it is important that you don't keep wavering or going back and forth. You can allow flexibility, for instance, by telling the Universe that you are open to living in either of the two states that has the ideal home, land, community and opportunities for you (and for everyone involved, if you have a family). You can ask the Universe to bring you exactly what you want, or give the Universe permission for it to be even better than you could ever imagine - this allows the Universe infinite creativity, and it allows your guides to have more fun and flexibility in guiding you to your greatest joy.

Once you have a clear idea of what you want, you can allow it to call to you, but you must listen to your guidance and follow any messages you receive from your intuition. Your intuition is a strong component of the law of attraction, because it will guide you to what you want to create, but you must learn to listen to your intuition, to trust it and follow it. You can also use a pendulum to help guide you in the process - for instance, the pendulum can help you narrow down choices and options from real estate listings, or it could help you choose which state would actually be best for you to live in.

You can also choose to have it all and actually live in two states at once: you could manifest two homes, one in each of the states that you would like to live in! With quantum hollographic law of attraction everything is possible, and all possibilities exist infinitely and simultaneously. The infinite possibilities are only limited by our thoughts and beliefs - this is how we really control the law of attraction, by limiting what is possible for us to attract and experience. The effects of the law of attraction depend on which state we choose to exist in: our mental and emotional states of being determine our physical state of reality.

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