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Question: "I've been having dreams that come true since I was a child. I can feel people's emotions and heal with my hands. Everywhere I go I attract people that need help. I've been sick most of my life. My most recent was blood clots in my lungs and my kidneys almost went into failure. I'm 32 years old and I feel 100 at times. I've had seizures, pneumonia, and now I have asthma and allergies. Why am I more sick than others? Can I do anything to heal myself?"

Psychic Advice:
Being sicker than others is often one of the traits or characteristics of an energy healer. This is because energy healers tend to take on the energy of other people, whether they realize it or not. Energy healers are often empathic, like you, and not only feel what other people are feeling emotionally, but also physically, embodying their physical and emotional state.

When I do readings and healings for people, I use my gift of empathy to become one with them so I can better understand what they are experiencing and why. This can be very uncomfortable, even painful, but it allows me to connect with them at the deepest level so that we can discover the root cause of an issue and how rectify it.

The problem with doing this is that it can leave residual energy in the body of the healer, creating energy blockages over time that can cause dis-ease. It is important to cleanse yourself of other people's energy frequently, but many empathic people may not even be aware that they are taking on the energy of others. This is why many empaths are often overweight, not only because the extra weight becomes a protection from being overly sensitive to others, but also because they are carrying the weight of other people's energy.

There are four main modalities for healing others: transmutation, facilitation, intention and Grace. Many empathic people tend to use a mode of transmutation, whereby they take in the energy from another person into their own body, then use their healing gifts to transmute and transform that energy within themselves, restoring balance and healing to the other person. This is a natural healing ability, and can occur without either person even being aware that it is going on. Empathic children often attempt to do whatever they can to make other people feel better, including embodying someone's discomfort and transmuting it.

Many of the symptoms that you are experiencing are because you have absorbed energy from others in an attempt to transmute and transform their pain and suffering. The lungs are where we hold the energy of grief, and the kidneys are related to getting our own needs met. You have been sacrificing yourself and your wellbeing for others, but you are failing to meet your own needs, not even allowing yourself to receive the breath of life. You are feeling so old because you are draining your energy and life force and giving it to others. You do not have to martyr yourself to be a healer.

It is vital for you to be aware of what is yours, and what you have taken on from others. When you wake up in the morning, get very clear about how you are feeling emotionally and physically within yourself before you encounter other people, then notice how you feel emotionally and physically after each interaction. If you were happy on your own, then felt depressed the moment you entered a room, that depression or sadness is not yours, and you must let it go to restore and maintain your own wellbeing.

Start each day by saying, "I am willing to work with all that is mine, and I completely release all that is not mine." Imagine a beam of light pouring down through the top of your head, cleansing you of all negative energy, and visualize any negativity pouring out through the bottom of your feet into the earth, where it can be transformed into love. When you get a sense that you have released all negative energy and are now filled with light, imagine this light filling you so full that it overflows from the top of your head, surrounding you with a bubble of white light that protects you from other people's energies. It is very important for sensitive and empathic people to surround themselves with the light of love and protection every day.

You must also learn another way to express your healing gift. No one truly heals another because all healing must come from within. A healer is really a facilitator of healing, and healing is not an operation, but is a co-operation between the facilitator and the person seeking healing.

All illness and dis-ease is a condition brought about by a lack of balance that is created through a pattern of habitual thoughts, feelings and actions. The word "health" means "the state of being whole", so the role of a healer is to restore wholeness. This requires activating the will of the other person so they make the changes in their heart, in their mind and in their life that will allow their body to change, to heal and to be whole again.

One of the major traits or characteristics of an energy healer is that their hands often become hot because healing energy is flowing through them. The palms of the hands are energy centers that are capable of reading energy from people, places, animals or things (this is the gift of psychometry that many psychic detectives use). The hands can also absorb energy, direct energy and project energy. You can direct healing energy through your hands and into a person who is near you, and you can also send this energy at a distance with intention and visualization. One healer I know simply intends that the healing energy goes to whoever needs it whenever he feels his hands getting hot.

Instead of taking another person's energy into you for transmutation, you can work with facilitation. This involves using your hands, your heart and your intuitive guidance to locate the places within a person where they are lacking wholeness, then direct energy to these areas and enlist their awareness and will to make the shift so wholeness and the flow of energy can be restored. The beauty of the healing method of facilitation is that it not only heals them, but also empowers them in their own healing, which is one of the essential components for wholeness.

Unless a person is participating willingly in their own healing, they will simply recreate the same conditions and symptoms again so they have another opportunity to learn from the experience. This is why you cannot just take away another person's pain, because that pain or disease serves a purpose for them until it doesn’t serve them anymore. Once it no longer serves them (or others around them), not only will the symptoms disappear, but the person will also change the patterns of thought, feeling and action that created them in the first place, ensuring that the symptoms will not return.

The third mode of healing is using the power of intention. You can use visualization to see the energy blockages dissolving and then see the energy flowing freely again. You can visualize the person whole and healed, filled and surrounded with light. Affirm with faith and certainty that the healing is already done, feeling grateful that it is. Visualize the end of result of the healing, rather than focusing on the condition or disease. The person being healed can join in these visualizations, and align their intention for being whole and healed along with yours.

It is possible for healing of this nature to happen almost instantly, or over time, depending on the recipient's degree of willingness, intent and co-operation. There are non-medical hospitals in China where intention has been used to heal all kinds of ailments in patients. I recently saw a video of three Chinese healers healing a woman of bladder cancer with her conscious participation: as the healers repeatedly chanted "already done, already done", I could see the tumor on the ultrasound shrinking and then disappearing completely in under three minutes. The mind is a powerful tool that creates our reality - we are far more powerful than we think, and we are only limited by what we believe is possible.

The fourth mode of healing is to be a channel for pure Grace, for pure light and energy to flow through you and into others. In order to do this, you must come from a place of pure love, with complete innocence and lack of ego. You must be willing to allow Grace to flow through you, and remain unattached to the outcome, while holding absolute faith. You must trust in whatever is for the highest good of all, without expectation, judgment or preconceptions. You must also believe that the miraculous is possible, and so must the recipient of this form of faith healing.

One of the traits or characteristics of an energy healer is that they attract people who need help. In essence, you are a beacon of light, and your light is what others are attracted to. Rather than having them give their power to you and become dependent on you as their source of healing, it is better to empower them to be their own source, and to recognize the power of their own mind and their own will. Encourage them to see that they are connected to their own Source above them by a beam of light that pours into them through the top of their head and fills them with light and with love, cleansing them of all negativity and of all that no longer serves them. Visualize the light surrounding and protecting them.

Remember that a lack of health is simply a condition of not being whole, and because it is a condition, it is conditional and can therefore be changed. It is the result of conditioning created by our thoughts, feelings and actions over time. We can change our state by changing our mind, and by choosing to change the conditions that caused that state. Do not allow a diagnosis to be a life sentence - rather let it bring your awareness to an area that is not whole, and let it be an opportunity to bring light, love and healing to that place. You have the power to heal, and as a healer, you must heal yourself and restore yourself to wholeness and wellbeing by allowing the energy of Grace to flow to you and through you. Breathe deeply, believe and receive. Then you can share this healing with others. 

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