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Question: "Recently, I'm starting to feel tingling sensations on my body, but mostly on my head and forehead area. I even felt it in my throat area. What could this mean?"

Psychic Advice:
Tingling sensations in the body can be caused by many things, including high blood pressure, poor blood circulation and nerves, but they can also be one of the ways that your intuition is trying to communicate with you. Similarly, if you have ever experienced chills or having "chicken skin" or "gooseflesh" when you were not actually physically cold, this is your intuition communicating with you.

Intuition often communicates through feelings and sensations that can be both physical and emotional. This is especially true for those who are empathic, because empathy is a psychic gift of being able to feel intuitive information in your own body. Tingling sensations in the body can be one way of sensing empathic energy.

Although tingling sensations in the head can be a bit disconcerting, the big issue is where in your head you are feeling them. The top of your head is an energy center known as your "crown chakra". This is where we connect with the divine to receive divine energy and information. When the top of your head is tingling, it is a signal for you to open yourself to receive divine energy and guidance.

If the crown chakra remains blocked or closed, this tingling sensation can easily develop into a headache. The key is to breathe and relax, allowing your crown chakra to be open to allow divine energy to flow through you.

The same is true for the tingling sensations in your forehead area. The space in the middle of your forehead is an energy center known as the "third eye" or "brow chakra". This is the energy center that receives intuitive information about the world around you - it is essentially your "all-seeing eye". The tingling sensation is inviting you to open this chakra so you can truly see and perceive what is around you and in front of you. When this chakra is closed, it can also cause headaches, eye aches or even eye strain.

It is very common for people to have tingling sensations in the top of the head and in the forehead, because most people are not aware that they must keep these chakras open in order to receive divine guidance. Many people closed down these chakras in childhood because it seemed somehow painful or uncomfortable to perceive the world from a psychic and intuitive perspective.

It is also common to have tingling sensations in the hands, because the palms are also energy centers that give and receive energy. Those who are natural healers will often experience tingling in their hands, indicating the need to allow healing energy to flow from their hands directed by the power of their intention. The hands of healers will also get hot, which also requires the energy to be discharged. When these tingling sensations are occurring in the hands, it is best to reach out to release healing energy by touching a person, plant or animal, or even the earth itself.

Tingling sensations in the legs and feet are often an indication that energy is not flowing properly in the body, and that grounding is necessary. Many people do not really feel connected to the earth, especially since we wear shoes, walk on pavement and live with concrete beneath us most of the time. Everything on earth and in this Universe is energy, and humans are part of that energy, are made up of that energy, and are conduits for that energy.

We must allow the energy of the Universe to flow through us in order to remain happy, healthy, and connected to the flow of life. We must also be conduits for that divine energy to flow into the earth through us. We must also receive the energy of the earth as life force flowing up through our feet and into our bodies. In this way, we are connected to earth and to heaven, and we become a pillar of light and divine energy. If the energy ever builds up too strongly in your body, walk barefoot in the grass or in the water to ground yourself and release it.

It is less common for someone to have a tingling sensation in the throat, but this would indicate that it is important for you to speak your wisdom and your truth. The Universe is asking you to allow the divine guidance to come into you through your crown and third eye, and then allow yourself to express what you are receiving and perceiving. It can take courage to allow yourself to be open to receiving and to express yourself, but it will fill you with peace, joy and delight to allow that energy to flow through you and from you. Trying to stop the flow and remaining closed will often become painful.

Of course, it is important to check with a physician to make sure there is nothing on the physical level that is causing these tingling sensations, especially those in your head. It is also important to use visualization and meditation to allow the energy to flow into you and through you, which will ease any discomfort.

In the mornings, and whenever you feel these tingling sensations, you can do the following visualization:
Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and relax. Imagine that there is beautiful sun above you that is sending a beam of light to the top of your head. Breathe and allow the top of your head to open so this light can flow into your head, swirling in your forehead and opening your third eye gently. Allow this light to flow down through your throat, opening your throat to allow you to express your truth. Allow the light to flow into you heart, filling your heart with divine love and healing. Allow that light to flow down through your arms and into your hands, giving your hands the power to heal and to create whatever you choose. Imagine this light continuing to flow into you from the sun above you, filling your whole body with light, and allowing that light to flow out through your feet into the center of the earth, so that you are a pillar of light, anchored to earth and to heaven. Allow the light to continue to flow into you from above you and from the earth, filling you so full of light that it overflows from the top of your head, surrounding you in the divine light of love and protection.

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