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Question: "I have been told I am a Starchild. In searching the web, I cannot find any sites directly correlating to Starchild. Is it possible that Indigo children grow up to be a Starchild, because "Indigo" is what keeps appearing in my searches. I would love a deep understanding of just exactly what a Starchild is so I can reach into my soul's journey and utilize this gift to the maximum for both others and myself."

Psychic Advice:
This is a pivotal time on Earth right now, and all eyes in the Universe are looking to see what humanity will collectively decide to experience and create on this planet. The Law of Free Will rules humanity, so Universal forces cannot interfere with the choices and decisions that we make. Therefore it is up to each of us in human form to contribute to the global outcome with our thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions.

Earth reality is filled with illusion. When we look to the sky in the daylight, we have a sense of being insulated and isolated, but the night sky reveals that we are one amongst a myriad of stars and planets. There are many who cling to the notion that we are the only intelligent life form in the Galaxy, even in the Universe. Not only is this concept ridiculous, but it even brings into question just how intelligent we really are as a human race.

Humanity has always sought to limit reality based on fear of the unknown. "Science" often mandates that there must be proof of something existing within the confines of what is measurable, yet the tools for scientific measuring are limited in their scope. For centuries, science maintained that the Earth was flat, and widespread fear kept people from venturing beyond the horizon to repudiate this erroneous belief. Those who vehemently swore that the Earth was flat persecuted those who believed otherwise.

The same holds true today with regard to the belief that humans are alone in this vast Universe. Those who believe in extraterrestrial life forms are often ridiculed by those who essentially fear that humans may not be the top of the food chain. They fear that if there is life in the Universe that is more intelligent than humans, they might also be more powerful and more technologically advanced than humans, which would make them threatening to our existence. This is the rationale that many governments have used for covering up UFO reports for decades - or longer.

There are a myriad of intelligent beings in our Galaxy and in our Universe, many of whom have undergone similar evolutions to what we are experiencing here on Earth at this time. Some have destroyed their home planets, while others have found ways to promote lasting peace, but all have learned from their own experiences and desire to share their knowledge with humanity. In essence, they are our older brothers and sisters, and many of them are seeking to help us through this pivotal transition in any way they can, and in any way that we will allow them to, given our Free Will.

Many Star Beings have chosen to incarnate in human form to assist with this transition. "Indigo" and "Crystal" children are also Starchildren who have come a great distance in order to serve the Earth and humanity at this time. However, there are many challenges and difficulties that they must face in taking on this task.

The first problem is that in choosing to come into human form, one must pass through the veil of forgetting, which essentially renders one unconscious as to one's true soul identity. This unconsciousness can remain unless one's parents are awake and aware enough to support their child to remember who he/she really is, or until one experiences some type of personal awakening, which can take many forms from trauma to mentorship, and everything in between.

The second problem with coming into human form is that it is infinitely painful. Part of human experience involves emotional feeling and physical sensations - some of which can be pleasant, while others can be excruciating. This does not exist in other realms of the Universe where the experience is more often blissful, unconditionally loving or detached.

In order for a great soul to come into a human body, they must shrink themselves down into a fetus and risk utter powerlessness and helplessness for years until they reach an age and physical state where they have some independence. During these formative years, they are completely at the mercy of their parents or guardians, who shape their sense of themselves and their reality.

For Starchildren, there is always a sense of not fitting in and being different from everyone else, no matter how hard one tries to conform. There is often a profound feeling of loneliness no matter how many people are around, and no matter how much one is loved. Starchildren feel an emptiness inside, a great longing and "homesickness" that can never be satisfied. Starchildren are always searching for home, and tend to travel or move a lot in a quest to find a place that feels like home. Starchildren have a great affinity for the stars and the night sky.

Starchildren often seek out other Starchildren (one can recognize a Starchild because their eyes often have white under their irises, as if they are always looking up). The trouble is that these souls have come from many different star systems, so even though they encounter others who may be like-hearted and like-minded, they may not find another who is truly alike. It is similar to a group of immigrants from many different countries and continents coming together - they share the experience of being immigrants, but they come from different backgrounds and cultures and may not feel that they completely mesh with one another.

Starchildren are usually old souls, wise beyond their years. They are often pleasers and diplomats, and people often come to them for guidance or advice, even when they are very young. Starchildren can usually see things from a different or higher perspective, and are often able to see the big picture, or the likely events for the future and probable outcomes.

Some Starchildren are highly sensitive, intuitive and empathic. They know things without being told, even if they don't always understand what they know or sense. Some Starchildren, however, come from a more scientific "society", and they can be very robotic, and are often geniuses who can be difficult to understand or relate to, and so become socially isolated. Many have a great thirst for knowledge. Some autistic children are Starchildren whose autism serves to shield them from the full impact of human emotional experience.

Starchildren are emissaries of Light who have come to Earth with a mission as ambassadors of peace (because of human resistance to Space Beings, they must incarnate in human form in order to assist humanity at this time).  Starchildren often feel a yearning, a restlessness and a sense of purpose, even if they don't quite remember what it is. Often, their true Calling is something that comes so naturally and so easily to them that they tend to overlook it in search of doing things "the hard way" like everyone else on Earth.

We have reached the time of "The Calling" where Starchildren of all ages are being Called into service to humanity and to the Earth. Be patient, you will intuitively know what to do when it is time. This is what we have all come here for and have been waiting for. The time is almost upon us.

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