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Question #1: "When I was a child, I heard voices in my head. One night I got really scared, then the voices stopped. I am wondering now if these voices could have been something paranormal. Is there any chance you could help me understand them and possibly get them back?"

Psychic Advice:
There are many reasons for hearing voices inside one's head; some of these reasons are spiritual or "paranormal", while others have more psychological or emotional causes. For the last several hundred years, anyone who heard voices was considered to be possessed, insane, or at the very least, mentally disturbed, and were either institutionalized, ostracized, or executed, as was the case for Joan of Arc. Even our modern medical system has deemed hearing voices to be a mental disorder, calling it anything from delusions to schizophrenia. Unfortunately, there is very little understanding or support for what is often a spiritual phenomenon.

Many prophets throughout recorded history have heard voices that offered them divine wisdom and guidance. This spiritual phenomenon of hearing voices that no one else can hear can be a psychic gift known as clairaudience (meaning clear hearing), or mediumship, which is the ability to communicate with spirits on the Other Side.

Most people have some form of psychic ability available to them, if they learn how to trust it and develop it. Our intuitive guidance system is an innate compass that is designed to guide us through this lifetime, but fear, religion, and our dependence on rational thinking have shut down most people's intuitive abilities. Intuition is often denied, ridiculed and dismissed as being irrational. Intuition is irrational by its very nature as it does not come from the rational side of the brain.

Children are highly intuitive and psychically open, and often have the ability to see and hear things that adults cannot, including hearing voices that no one else can hear. Our intuitive guidance is designed primarily to protect us and keep us safe, so children have a more heightened intuition and guidance system because they are more helpless and vulnerable. Children are also closer to the divine, and their "imagination" allows them to connect with different frequencies and dimensions of experience.

Children can hear and see beings that resonate on higher frequencies, much the way that dogs can hear whistles and sounds that humans cannot hear. If this gift is nurtured in children, they will develop very strong psychic abilities, but most children are conditioned to believe that what they are seeing or hearing is not real or is something to be feared, therefore they close the door to these abilities. The good news is that with patience, practice, and trust, we can reopen the lines of communication with our guides and intuition at any time, if we are willing to suspend doubt and fear.

When it comes to hearing voices, there are several different types of voices and entities that can be communicating with us, and there are different reasons for hearing these voices. The voices that children hear are most often the voices of their spirit guides or angels who are part of their intuitive guidance system. We are never alone - we are born with a group of spirit guides whose job is to keep us safe throughout this lifetime, and to guide us to carry out our mission and purpose on Earth, if we are willing to listen and follow them.

Our guides will continue to communicate with us, but their voices may become silent over time because of our fear, doubt or resistance, which makes it frustrating for them to communicate with us, and for us to understand them. They will then communicate with us in our dreams, or through various signs and synchronicities, which takes a great deal of energy and orchestration on their part. Our guides and angels often communicate messages to guide us to safety and happiness, which will give us the feeling of being urged, prompted, pushed or even compelled, but always in a loving and caring way.

Children may also be seeing spirits, or hearing spirit voices, especially those of deceased family members and loved ones, even if they never met them. Spirits who are on the Other Side often want to communicate with their loved ones, especially if there is any unfinished business. They find it frustrating that most people cannot see them or hear them, so they gravitate to those who are more sensitive and psychically open, such as children, or people who have a natural gift of mediumship, which is the ability to communicate with other dimensions. Spirits will often be seeking help of one kind or another, either to help them move on because they are trapped between worlds, or to help them convey some kind of message so they and their loved ones can have peace.

If a person has had extreme trauma, especially to the head, or profound emotional trauma, it can leave them open to hearing voices of a negative kind. In some cases, these voices can be different personalities that develop as some form of protection or coping strategy for dealing with abuse. Negative voices or entities are drawn by negative experiences, and will often promote negative responses, such as anger, violence, vengeance, self-destructive behavior, etc. If the voices you are hearing are urging you to do negative things, or to have negative thoughts, they are not your guides but are "hitchhikers" who've come to get "high" from your negative emotions. There are medications that doctors can prescribe to help in some cases (and I have written previous columns that may also be of assistance: CURING VOICES IN THE HEAD & SCHIZOPHRENIA AND EMF Protection).

In all cases, it is important to surround yourself each day and night with thick white light, affirming that you are safe and protected by the light of love, and you are protected from all that is not light or love. Because we are governed by the Law of Free Will, our guides can only assist us if we ask for help, so tell your guides that you are willing to open the lines of communication with them (and only with them, unless you are comfortable communicating with spirits), and let them know that you are willing to hear what they have to say to you in a loving, gentle and compassionate way.

Set boundaries and guidelines as to how you want your guides to communicate with you, and whom you are willing to communicate with. For instance, you can set the intention that you will meditate each morning, and during that time they are welcome to speak with you, but not when you are at work, unless there is something urgent that you need to know right away. You can ask only to receive information that is for the highest good of all concerned, and to be protected from all else - this will protect you from being a psychic sponge and will let you know that what you hear is something you need to pay attention to.

Remember that you are in command, and can set the intentions that guide your guides as to how, when, and where they can communicate with you. This will help both you and your guides to be more comfortable and effective in your communication.

Question #2: "How can you tell the difference between the voices in your head from voices from the other side?"

Psychic Advice:
The voices of spirits and of your spirit guides will often sound "like your voice" inside your head, but it will have a different quality to it. It will often say things you did not know and have no way of knowing, or use words or phrases you would never use, or don't even know the meaning of. The key thing is that the only voices you want to listen to are the ones that are loving and benevolent - any voice that is critical, nasty, judgmental or mean is not a voice of your guides or intuition.

Any time you hear the thought, "I knew that", or "I should have listened to myself", that is your intuitive guidance talking to you, reminding you to trust it and yourself. Learn to listen inside yourself. If a voice feels loving, peaceful and supportive, it is your intuition and spirit guides directing you, but if you feel uncomfortable in any way with the voices you hear, command them to be gone from you. You always have Free Will and the power of choice, so use the power of intention to direct your experience.

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