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Psychic spiritual healer Amazing Grace
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The purpose of this website is to offer psychic advice and spiritual guidance that addresses life’s most important questions. Ask Grace™ weekly psychic advice column is intended to answer your questions with psychic advice and spiritual guidance that could assist people everywhere to lead a more joyful, prosperous, meaningful and fulfilling life.

It is my heartfelt desire to offer psychic advice and spiritual guidance that could serve as a roadmap to navigate the various paths we all encounter in life - the highs and lows, and everything in between. Life is a journey, not a destination, and along that journey there are many challenges, many quests, and many opportunities for joy, for growth, for evolution, and for love.

Life is all about choices. In any given moment there are an infinite amount of choices available, and the choices we make in the present determine where we are headed and what we shall experience in the future. Knowledge is power - the more we know, the more power we have to make more informed choices.

It is my intention to empower people with this website by giving them conscious awareness of how we create our own reality and our own experience in this life, and how we can use this power to make our world better for ourselves and for everyone.

I do not profess to have all the answers. However, I have been blessed with the psychic ability to access the highest spiritual guidance and wisdom. Your questions help me  to receive the information that can help you and others. In this way, we help each other to understand life’s great truths and mysteries.

There is no absolute truth, except for the love that unifies us. Although we are all on the same mountain, there are many different paths that lead to the top. I don’t expect or want you to take everything you read or hear as absolute truth; you must think and choose for yourself what feels true to you and leave the rest. Each person has a right to his or her own truth – peace comes when we accept this for ourselves and for others.

We have reached a momentous time on Earth. Each of us is being called to awaken, to become conscious and empowered in the present so we may serve the Light of Love and bring about peace on Earth. This website is one of the ways in which I pledge my service. I offer this to you with love, and in service to the highest Light of All. May this site bring light to your day, light to your heart, light to your mind, and light to your life. I welcome your questions on your quest for truth, and I shall do my very best to meet your requests for psychic advice and spiritual guidance. Thank you for joining me on this journey.
                                                                           Psychic spiritual healerGrace

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Grace is an internationally acclaimed psychic and Gifted spiritual healer.
thousands of clients worldwide call her "Amazing Grace" due to her extraordinary insight and accuracy in helping people to create joy and success in their lives and their businesses. 
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